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The Trump Effect
(02-11-2018, 03:58 PM)Di Wundrin Wrote:  See?  this is why I can't really connect with what the .. for want of better word .. 'left' want. Or expect.

Power - same as the other side, but because they're not allowed to say that, they get stuck on ideology, and fuck it up.

It's always the same - no matter how pure they might be at the start, power corrupts.

There have been a few notable exceptions, but they're definitely the exception, not the rule.

To institute a true Socialist agenda would cause the death of the party that tried it. Nobody wants to wear that hat.
Love is... that one person whose freshly-warm toilet seat you don't find disgusting.
Quote:Is your condemnation of so called 'lefty' thinking an endorsement of the opposite agenda?

What's the plan there? Shouldn't it be put under similar scrutiny?
Or does it get a free pass? Because at least it opposes lefty sensibilities?

No, I'm not talking about the worth of the ideologies only about the different ways their adherents have gone about promoting them.

It's no endorsement at all, it's simply a point of difference that the Right has put their agendas into action and have set things up for themselves the way they want it.  
They decided and defined what they wanted and set about devising ways of accomplishing the goals.  They didn't just talk about the goals and wait for it to happen.

 I'm trying to point out why I put no faith in the Left's ramblings, that' s all.  They're just all talk and no plans.

They see only the ends and make very little effort to orchestrate, or explain the means.

All we hear is what the rich bastards are doing wrong and how they're doing it, but we don't hear any detailed way of stopping, say banks ripping people off, what the wording of new laws should be that prevents it and most of all we don't get told which politicians will change it .. because there aren't any?  Why aren't there? 
 Is no one working on that?  Everyone was waiting for Bernie to do it for them?  what?

That's not a judgement on the ideology, it's a judgement on the efficiency of it's adherents.

 Just noticed your post TA ... you get where I'm coming from on this and have probably come closer to the nail. 
I've probably missed others, wrote most of it and went to sleep then went for a wander and forgot to submit it. siiiigh.
(Honey-Buns? You know I love it when you rough me up.)

What if the government ran like a casino?
The IRS would run the casinos, and tax-payers would pay their tax via their inevitable losses,,,and it would be kind-of fun. People would want to pay their taxes. There'd be a free buffet. Rides for the kids...

If only we had a president that knew how to run a casino...

Germany just ruled on the 28 hour work week. 30 was too much.
And they have paid vacations.

wtf is our problem, America?
Something un-great is going on.
Quote:Germany just ruled on the 28 hour work week. 30 was too much.

And they have paid vacations.

You don't have paid vacations? Huh  You're kidding right?

OZ has the very strange rule of actually paying workers on holidays a higher hourly rate than when they're working.

It started off being a fight for shift workers who's hourly rates were padded with odd hours penalty rates but when they were on holidays the pay reverted to base rate which is/was much lower than what they normally made.

I used to near double my annual pay with penalties and overtime so when the unions 'suggested' that a "holiday loading" rate be awarded to permanent shift workers to keep their income at usual level I was pretty stoked.

But within a year all the tossers who work 9 to 5 for a base salary demanded that they get "holiday loading" too even though they didn't lose a cent as the rate was the same for them.

So we now pay workers more to fly to Bali than to do the jobs they're hired for.
I like the sound of that.

In America, we don't have stuff like that.
Unless you're super-well connected.
Our unions have been crushed into near irrelevancy.

We've gone the extra mile, so to speak, to make sure no commie-type ideas take foot here.

We serve our prisoners shitty food, and we're proud of it. So proud, in fact, that we have a shit-ton of them, eating shitty food.
David Stockman may not be invited back to Fox Business mornings for a while...

Paranoids have all the facts.

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