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The Trump Effect
Relax America, you're about to have company.

An extreme religious Right Senator who was elected on the (conservative) Liberal Party ticket has taken to wearing red caps with Make Australia Great Again on it and has resigned from the Party to start up his own.

A 'true' ultra conservative Party, (Tory/Tea Party)  based on his close personal friendship with Jesus, and intent on  leading OZ into "the truth and the light" as it was described sarcastically by another politician.

FFS!   Trump has a lot to answer for!

This is a total betrayal of the Party which funded his campaign and of the voters who put him in the Senate as a Liberal not as an Independent.

But what the hell eh?  just what we need,  another Fwit channeling the Tea Party and acting like Trump.
(He is to Trump what Mr Magoo is to Batman btw, what a poser!)

The best thing is that he'll drain the votes of the ultras from the Hanson Party or split it.

Gonna be interesting to see how many 'deplorables' there are in OZ eh?
I do hope Labor takes that tack, it worked wonders for Hillary. Angel

I think he may have chosen to jump aboard the Trump ferry a little late. 
The tide is showing signs of slowing if not turning.   Once Trump starts making a few more Righties nervous they may think twice about going too far right and settle back into the more moderate form of conservatism, being the Liberals/Nationals.  I think they were looking for Reagan, not Genghis.

I'm being a bit pollyanna perhaps, but France is showing signs of wavering and lookling for 'centrist,' Parties,  sooo, maybe Bernadi will die alone and unloved in his Senate seat with his stupid red cap pulled over his face.   I'd like to watch that.

I can't stand the self righteous bastard so other than that numbers are tight, and his vote is needed, and he's a traitor to his constituency, and his Party,  it's good riddance.  

But ... it gives him more power than he is due, he can hold the Government to ransom on getting bills passed ... shit I hate politicians.  Beats me why we ever vote for any of 'em.   (lurrrve watching the 'game' of politics though, can you tell?)

Oh, and Aussies will see the irony in the rumour he's being funded by Gina Rhinehardt.  Gina funds them all!
Probably even Hanson.

Richest woman in the country so she can well afford to keep pet politicians of all breeds.
 You never know when you'll need a lap dog or a Rottweiler, so why not keep them all for contingencies?

She's given a total of about 77 grand to the Labor Party lately so they can't stand there screaming about the Righties being in the pay of the mining magnates.    That will piss them off.  Maybe that's why she gave it to them, to wedge them.   She's not silly.
Clive Palmer made his run too early
He and Tory Cory could have fought it out for the title. [Image: 3ztzsjm.gif]

Gotta feel sorry for the Mad Monk though. No invitation to join the new Party. d'aawwww. diddums.
Tony Abbott's total of people who want him in their Party now officially stands at zero.

Bernardi was probably right to exclude Abbott though, there can only be one 'Pope' at a time. ... oh, wait.
Seems like every nation has a Trump these days.

I've recently broken down the Trump effect into its smaller components.
I take analyses seriously.
Have you guys noticed that Bowling Green, Ky has been in the news lately?

It's our closest city. We're beaming with pride.

Ugh, ugh, ugh!

DeVos just confirmed as our secretary of education.

She's one of the worst of Trump's crazy picks, and it was so close! Tied, even!
Our V.P., Pence had to cast the tie-breaker.

For those unaware of DeVos and her qualifications, don't look it will only depress you.
I'm well up with De Vos - she is easily the best pick ever for education.

Rich, friends with Trump, huge party donor - she ticks all the boxes.

May be able to speel skool.
Love is... that one person whose freshly-warm toilet seat you don't find disgusting.

Add no experience; big affinity for tax-payer support for charter schools; fake universities; love of Jesus education...and that she and her kids have never been to a public school...gosh. Stunning.

Nevermind how she got rich. Billionaire rich.

in our illustrious system, it is quite unusual for the V.P. to be called in to wield his only super-power...that of breaking a tie in the senate.

What is scary (to me) is that elected representatives of we, the people, are actually afraid of Trump. They realize that he could make their lives miserable if they don't play along.

Maybe this isn't unusual, historically...but it's never been quite so apparent.

(Btw, boss...did you enjoy my morning spamming of the forums? They are best read in descending order, as I wrote them.)

How do you think that stunt would have washed at jref or even asf?
You should be very proud and ashamed of this little monster you've created.
(rest assured, I got the joke out of my system.)

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