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The Nature Boys' Thread.
Oh, never thought of that, but yes.
You can lead 'em to knowledge, but you can't make 'em think.

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video was blocked for me.

but i had a big nature event this morning.
I've mentioned the new coyote hybrids before.
A new canine in the show.

This morn, dogs were barking their asses off, with tails between legs, right outside the man cave door.
The direction of their barking told me it wasn't someone driving was something in the woods.

I could see 4 of these robust coyotes from my chair. They were just walking around.
I went outside. I'm sure they could see me. Coyotes are stunningly observant. But they didn't run away. They were bold. Unfazed by my dogs.
Possibly assessing them as food.

I called to Mary to check this out. She saw them immediately. And she suddenly went out and yelled at them. Like, she brow-beat them.
And they walked up the hill, into the forest.

It's very exciting having these new beasts around. But also vaguely worrisome.
Mary weighs less than 100 lbs. And she walks around a lot. They could decide to take her.
I've suggested she carry a bamboo walking stick with her.
I suspect that most carnivorous mammalian wildlife associates man with weapons, and should be avoided.

Anyway, I've never seen this behavior before, But then, I've only ever had fleeting glimpses of coyotes. Even though i lived around them for a long time. In forest, they're like ghosts. Their color blends perfectly with the leaf litter. Hyper aware animals.
About a quarter mile down the hill behind the house runs a brook and there is a trail along the power lines that leads to it.

Once while I was exploring the area, I came to a spot where the coyotes must have had a den nearby, as there was that canine scent in the air.

Always creeps me out a bit when I am walking the dog at night and it suddenly stops and stares into the darkness.
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Funny that people will go to great lengths to rehabilitate an animal that also has no hunting season and no limits. People are often encouraged to kill coyotes. You can kill all you want. It has no real effect on their numbers. Same with feral hogs. Blast away.

I'm intrigued by coyotes. They're like the wild cousins of my dogs. Except they don't get fed or have a warm house to go into on a cold wet night. They're so bad-ass. Mad survival skills. And now the hybrids. They're almost over-equipped.
One of my more memorable wildlife experiences of fucking-ever was FL and I suddenly in the middle of two seemingly distinct coyote packs in a wash north of Tucson maybe ten years ago.

It was a lot of coyotes, some more tan, some more brown. Maybe forty of them, maybe more, none seemed to pay us any attention though we were all of a sudden surrounded by all their tearing around.

Might sound hairy but they were just, playing, yelping, and having a great time, don't remember any showing too serious aggression towards any other.
Ask not what is the problem but, rather, where is the lesion.
Too cool.

The western coyotes aren't as hybridized as the ones that headed east.
The migrants ran into timber wolves in Canada; mixed it up, and began to spread.
They look like wolves.

I ran into a pack of coyotes on a hike in Florida. They were small, like the western type. Probably twenty of them. We stood and stared at each other for a long moment before they scattered. It was so cool! Made my day. I was alone, so didn't get to share it with anyone.
I'd say 90% of my wild encounters have been solo. Probably because there's no one to talk to. It's very quiet.

I have had some good ones with Mary. Wild horses encounter on a small river. A family of otters playing. Minks walking up to us; etc.
Bear encounters have always been solo. Black bears; never threatening. Just awesome.
Seeing a bear in the woods; a few yards away, is a high. It lasts all day.
It's very exciting having these new beasts around. But also vaguely worrisome.

Be more than vaguely worried.  We have a similar problem with Cross bred dogs/dingoes.  They're not hybrids, both are essentially dogs but the mix makes a very different animal behaviour wise. They don't have the fear factor that makes dingoes avoid people, but they do have the jaws and hunting instincts.

A dingo/German shepherd cross is essentially a 'wolf' but less predictable and they wreak havoc on killing sprees. (Dingoes, wild pure ones,  go on sprees and kill and maim sheep for the hell of it.  They just rip their throats out and leave them there.  There have been reports of just one or two killing 20 sheep and lambs in a paddock. They're even bigger if they're crossbred and will have a go at anything. ). 

German Shepherd dogs were banned in the N.T. unless they had paperwork proving they were neutered because of the danger of crossbreeding with the dingoes.

That hybrid mix sounds very 'worriesome',  now any dog hunters??  or aren't they a thing there?
Scientists discovered 71 new species this year.

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