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last cab to darwin
just saw this flick as a new release on netflix. i may be overly fond of funky Australian flicks because of American flicks. We don't do funk well. All our actor must be beautiful. If the script calls for an ugly person, we use a beautiful one and ugly them up with 2 hours in make-up.

Kicker was, it's put out by the company Mary worked for in Manhattan, before she became a hillbilly. Had to watch it.

Loved it, actually.

It had a theme of euthanasia, which was done well, imho. There was some cornography at the end, but it certainly didn't come down on the anti-euthanasia side, as I saw it.

Any of you familiar with this movie?
Heard about it, so/so reviews but I'll watch it on Telly. I like the lead actor, he's a bit of an icon locally.

Glad you liked it, most of ours lately are fairly cringe worthy.
Mary watched it today; also liked it. Luck of the draw. We don't watch many movies.
I think we both liked it (which is unusual, as our tastes are as different as male and female) because it wasn't a hollywood blockbuster.
Stumbling upon something, free of hype, is always a plus.

It had no baggage. Didn't recognize a single actor. No idea what awful shit they were up to in their personal lives.
The main character had a horrible physique. That was refreshing.

By the time you're done analysing why you like or dislike something, it's loaded with all manner of personal neurosis.

If I wasn't so fucked up, I probably would have hated it.

(Gosh, I'd make a fine movie critic, eh?)

Ever catch yourself watching something to verify your hate? That's an odd phenomena.
What sort of uncaring prick doesn't love a flick that shows Hitler killing himself?
(Plus, you get to see all manner of Jews getting tortured before the heart warming conclusion.)

win win, I guess.
Quote:Ever catch yourself watching something to verify your hate? That's an odd phenomena.

Yeah, I think my fortitude in sitting through Apocalypse Now about annually would qualify as verification that Nam really was as fucked up as we all thought. 
It's like watching a train wreck over and over while hoping that eventually it'll pull up in time.  It never does, but I'll probably watch it again next year, just in case.
Not many movies are that powerful.
I don't enjoy the damned thing, but it still triggers a kind of massive puzzlement about what people get out of that war shit. 
 .. did I mention my most avoided movie star was, and still is, John Wayne??

I don't watch the others of that ilk, I hate war movies in general,  I just watch that one.  I think it has as much to do with the cinematography as the plot though.  It was a brilliant piece of camera work, and also had a few iconic scenes that never get boring.

I can never again hear Ride of the Valkyries  without the whopwhopwhop of choppers impinging.   Confused
yeah, good flick.

Never knew chicks dug it.

Mary doesn't endure movies with violence, which is a pity, as so many good ones are drenched in it.
But I get why sh's like she is. Just like I get why I want to have the discipline to ignore the news, because it's a downer, but I can't, because I'm an undisciplined loser.


(Secretly, i think that's what she likes about me. I make her look relatively good by default. Who wouldn't want a boyfriend that can do all that? And not wash windows?)
Mary and I would probably have a hard time picking out a movie to go and see then.
One of my all time faves is Terminator 2 [Image: happy-053.gif]

It's just soooo OTT it's brilliant! And the CGI was cutting edge for it's time and still holds up to as good a standard as any.
Violent movies don't bother me up to a certain level, once they get sicko I'm off, never got past the first 5 minutes of Saw, and walked out of Misery, not into pdycho/cruelty, but shootem ups and good old axe murders are fine. Most of Tarantino's stuff I enjoy. He has a certain quirky touch with violence.

I don't do humanitarian/drug culture/disabled heroes/kinky relationship/ or sob story 'message' movies, or biographies, if I want an ethics or history lecture I'll go to a seminar or Uni.
Nor war movies with the exception of the forementioned.
But I like Mad Max movies.

I don't do chick flicks either, good god, do women still fall for that crap?
Some odd Pommy movies were good for being different, like Lock, Stock, and Smoking Barrel.
So are some American ones for the same reason. e.g. Fargo. Great movie.

I have odd tastes in movies, as in music. I even like the Pirates of the Carribean movies. I just drop the IQ levels and enjoy the hell out of them. I have the tastes of a ten year old sometimes.

I think people get pretentious about movies too, not just themselves. ... was that in this thread?

They think you'll be impressed with their finer sensitivities if they wax lyrical about the "depth of characterisation and brilliant scripting of a difficult subject" in some indy movie, and when you go and see it you nod off within the first 15 minutes. They can't be serious??
Movies are for entertainment not punishment!

Some 'small' and relatively obscure movies though are gems.
One was an Italian movie called Cinema Paradiso. A movie director, nostalgically exploring his childhood spent in the local cinema, the source of his lifelong love of film, and life as it was in the village in his youth. Gem.
And I'm not into foreign movies usually (it was subtitled) and almost didn't watch it on the 'ethnic' TV channel! Glad I did.

But another 'small' favourite is Bagdhad Cafe. A German production set in America with mixed cast.

You've probably seen it, but ... People love or hate it depending on whether they 'get' it.
There are so many tiny, easily missed little quirky bits in it, many just casual sight gags, it pays to watch it a few times, it's deeper than it seems. (Like Pulp Fiction, that has to be studied multiple times to be appreciated) ... is that a pretentious review??

Bagdad is kind of very low key, almost hokey, quirky, raw, sad, and very funny, usually in a dark way. CCH Pounder shoulda got an oscar for it. I've been a fan of hers ever since. I even used to watch American cop TV shows when she was in them. She often plays a cop and they were usually better quality if she was in the cast.. She's my kind of gal.

Now I want to watch it again. It's been a while.

I hope you've seen The Dish ?? If not do so. That was one of OZ's better efforts. About the Parkes radio telescope and the linkup it formed with NASA for the moon landing. A fair and funny insight into how differently we tick than Yanks, especially with all the hooplah of that space thing. Houston would have freaked out if they knew how low key our end was.

Also The Castle, but it appealed more to a local audience. Michael Caton (the bloke in the Darwin one) was the star of The Castle, if you like his style you'd like the movie.

Got any gem to share?
well, my continue to slowly expose an evil seductress, and the strip tease gets more mysteious and beautiful a it proceeds.

I'm starting to see you as a genuine odd-ball.

Your mind is no more made up then mine. We're both mush-minds.

with media entertainment stuff, I've got some prejudices. If it makes a crap load of money and has huge stars, I'm obliged to ignore it or hate it. I know that's fucked up. Actually loved E.T. when it cam out...saw in it a theatre with me mum.

The architecture of all that has radically changed. I never go 'out to the movies' any more. When that was happening, the gesture was quite a big commitment. Find a baby sitter; drive; pay to park; pay for two tickets and popcorn; stop on the way home for desert; lose $100 bucks. So, there's a lot of pressure on that movie.

Now, I can choose endless movies...and I can reject them in the first 10 minutes if they suck, without penalty, and look for something else.
The experience no longer carries much burden. It's no big deal. When you were a kid, back in the bronze age, how often did you get to watch a movie?

With luck, for us it may have been once a month. So it was a big deal. The movies were horrible, mostly, but we didn't know it.
I do recall seeing "Ben-Hur" on the big screen, and it was intense. Same with "The Vikings".

The Unforgiven, a Clint Eastwood western was good, i thought. It gave violence a more real face; not casual. Without denying the viewer the joys of watching guys get shot to hell.

Blazing Saddles was fun.
Saw Fellini's Satyricon on a big screen. Interesting to look at, for sure.

I like it best if I can't tell how my emotions are being manipulated. If I smell a violin crescendo and a kiss at the end, I'll bail. I don't need to be reminded how sappy I am.

bumped into some Indian movies on netflix that were great. amazing backgrounds and tales worth telling. they had remarkable depth compared to anything from hollywood.

I really liked "Red Dog", an Aussie flick.
I could see how, if you lived there, those blokes and that dog may not hold the same charm for ya'.

Any good dog movie has to kill the dog at the end. So, from the start, you know it's going to be sad. That's not a bad attitude, going into a movie.
The dog movie I'd love to see is the one taken from the dog's pov in a war movie.
Plenty of dogs have been soldiers. It's a tough job. They tend to show greater obedience and courage than the human counterpart.

Take a flick like Platoon and add the war dog that was there that we skipped over before. There's always a dog. Humans never leave home without them. It's unlikely we would have survived without them. That early symbiosis with wolves was a very clever thing, for both parties.

I'd like to see that dog movie. "Dog, The Early Years".

Not bad taste in movies Stanky.
Everybody liked Red Dog, even the 'locals'.
Unforgiven was way up there, never miss a rerun of that. I was surprised to learn that Eastwood composed the soundtrack. He wrote soundtracks for a few of his own movies.
Why did I not know this?? Love that 'dirge' at the end of Unforgiven.

Thought of another movie I really liked that nobody I know ever heard of.
The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada another of Tommy Lee Jones' gems. I'll watch anything Tommy is in.

I don't remember it ever making it to the cinemas, I saw it on late night TV. Never seen a trace of it since and can't think why, other than perhaps I have odd tastes in movies.
This one was a bit quirky, novel plotline, Mexican writer, and had some good points about life in it. A modern western.

I went to the movies most Saturday arvos except if it was raining or we had to go visiting. The local cinema was about a mile walk and there'd usually be 5 or 6 of us picked up one by one on the way there. I think mothers made their kids wait on the porch until another kid was in view so they'd have someone to walk with or something. It was odd how they just joined along the way and didn't just start walking before we got there.

No phones then, not even a landline, so there was no prearranged meetings. If someone didn't show up we just presumed they didn't get their shilling that week.
The movie cost 11 pence and we had a penny to buy lollipops with. We lived in dread of the movie price going up to the full shilling. [Image: happy-053.gif]

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