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Unsolicited Useless Information Litter.
Pedigree chart across generational lines.   Vast improvement on the family tree diagram.  You're welcome.

[Image: 5491082Relations_Tree.jpg]
Where's the line that shows who we can breed with?
(08-14-2016, 09:43 PM)Di Wundrin Wrote:  Pedigree chart across generational lines.   Vast improvement on the family tree diagram.  You're welcome.

Hopeless for me - I wouldn't have a clue what anything beyond cousin is, but I ca go back to the 1600s on my paternal line.

Hundreds of years of white trash is the best description I can think of.

(08-14-2016, 11:28 PM)Shiner Wrote:  Where's the line that shows who we can breed with?

All of the ones that say "cousin".

Funnily enough, in my family tree, back in the late 1700s I have an ancestor who appears to have been born to a brother & sister.
Love is... that one person whose freshly-warm toilet seat you don't find disgusting.
Wouldn't worry about it TA, the Egyptian and Hawaiian royalty did a bit of that to keep the title in the family.
I'm pretty sure every Royal family has done that.
Could account for why they're so ugly. [Image: happy-053.gif]
(08-15-2016, 04:41 AM)Di Wundrin Wrote:  Could account for why they're so ugly. [Image: happy-053.gif]

It certainly accounts for their haemophilia.
Love is... that one person whose freshly-warm toilet seat you don't find disgusting.
Anyone wanna "Go to Socotra? "   Really odd place, kind of the Galapagos of plants.
Termed "The Most Alien Place on Earth"
Found it on a Google Earth trek (the holiday you take when you can't travel) years ago and forgot about it until the other day. 
Thought you may enjoy a Sunday day trip. [Image: lol-029.png]

Here's an amateur vid that's mildly amusing. The people look more Indian than Arabic, probably an interesting history there.

Here's a more serious effort.

Link to piccys.

[Image: images_zpsnybgl8cu.jpg] 
What an amazingly cool place!

Being offshore from Yemen and close to Somalian pirates probably means tourism is low.
Love is... that one person whose freshly-warm toilet seat you don't find disgusting.
Today I learned that cattle are racists!  

Do you want the short story or the long one??  

Long one??  Fine, here 'tis.

It all started at lunch with the Cuz and wife and I was bitching about being woken at 3am by someone making a lot of noise trying to break in.  
I hit the floor and was toddling down the hall when I realised I hadn't picked up anything to flog 'em over the head with ... but it was only the fridge.     Someone was in there with a hammer, trying to get out.  
Well .. that's what it sounded like. 

I've had it a few months now and it makes some startling and worriesome noises that I'm not used to yet,  but nothing like this.  
The banging seemed to be the sides of the freezer contracting, and I've no idea where the dripping water sound was coming from but it was quite a performance.  

"Great!"  the perfect time for the bastard to strangle and die.  The freezer is full and it's Good Friday and not a single repairman in the country is up for making a rescue trip before Tuesday.   Bastard!

Nothing I could do so I went back to bed and was just settling down again and the bloody thing kicked over and purred like a kitten.  Been fine ever since.

But .. I was having a bitch about it when Cuz slapped the table, leaned over and said, in a low voice,   "I can beat that!"

He'd shot and dressed out a cow, and hung it in his coolroom (he's got a whole butchery set-up on the farm).  He walked back down after a couple of hours to check it all out   and found that while the motor was running, the cooling system wasn't.   He had to beg a bloke he knew worked on that stuff to come out ... asap.  

I was worried about a couple of containers of chicken, chops and steak,  he was worried about the whole bloody cow! 
... he won.

Anyway it was fixed before any damage to the carcass was done, luckily it's not summer.  But then he started educating me in hanging beef.    

He went into how the enzymes play a part in tenderising the meat, and how the way it's hung affects the muscle condition, and tenderness in the resulting steaks.  

It shouldn't be hung as we see, from the hocks but from the rib cage with the legs handing down so the muscles and tendons aren't under tension and can break down and become tender at the same rate as the rest of the meat.
He said many abbatoir and freezing plant operations now were hanging the carcasses in the position they'd be if standing.   Must look weird.

Then he went into the difference between grain and grass feeding and illuminated me with the racist thing.

Ever notice that   at sale, and feed lots, that each group of cattle in enclosures are the same age, size, weight, breed, and colour??    

I'd noticed but never wondered why.  Thought it was to do with the price per kilo.

It's because when they're penned in close quarters they turn on 'odd' ones.  
Any that are smaller, or different, and particular if one is a different colour to the others they bully it.  
Not only that but an odd cow out will cringe away from the herd and 'stress out'.   They seek out their own kind.
Just as we do.   So they're racists. right?

Stress is the worst thing that can happen to good beef.  It releases an enzyme that taints the meat, and also toughens it,   and it can take weeks for the beast to be free enough of it to rate as top grade again, so best not to stress them.
Which makes you wonder how tough halal beef must be.

He brings up a few cattle and leaves them in the yard to settle down for a day or two, then sneaks up and shoots the one he wants, and turns the others out to get over their PTSD. 

He never fails to amaze me with stuff he knows.  He keeps up with all that's new in bees and cattle and landcare and mining ... just as well he's retired, and no wonder his wife can't get him to do stuff around the house. [Image: happy-smiley35.gif]

I found all that quite sciency, hope you did too.  

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