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Youtube Embedment Tutorial In Pictures. (For stanky)
One last try.  Please forgive the angry red paint.  I used my finger and red was what I got.  Mostly my middle finger too.  It's thick.  

Ahem. What?  

Step 1:  Select 'Preview Post'.  It takes you to a screen with more options.

[Image: 2zrg97a.jpg]

*If you want to write before/above your video, it's best to do it before you embed. (Just keeping it simple. I was there not so long ago too.)
The embedding feature will insert the video wherever your cursor is on the reply box.

Step 2: Select the little icon that looks like an old film negative.  

[Image: 29pvtpd.jpg]

Step 3: You should get a drop down screen as below.  Click on the tab that says 'Daily Motion'

[Image: 35id9gg.jpg]

Step 4: Another drop box should show you a list of host sites. Select your host.  
(Youtube for stanky)

[Image: jzd60.jpg]

Step 5: The easiest way to do this for now, is to just delete the bit of code in the box.

[Image: 2q0ohgw.jpg]

Step 6:  Now you just need to paste the link (url) to your video in the box.  It's the same process as pasting it in the reply box.  

[Image: f25xkp.jpg]

Step 7: Click 'Insert'.
(Forget my middle finger now.)

[Image: 16hkvnr.jpg]

Step 8:

[Image: 2ic47t0.jpg]

Step 9: Do a little dance

Step 10: Make a little love

Step 11: Get down tonight

Step 12: Get down tonight


That's some complicated shit.

Is there a reason to do the embedding thing?
I've never understood that part.
It looks more complicated than it really is. If you try it, you'll find it pretty straight forward. It more or less tells you how to proceed. More or less .....

It's just pedantic forum wankery really. I have an app on my tablet so when I click on your links it just opens the app and plays. So it makes no diff to me.

I guess, after 5 seconds thought on the matter, it lets people see the video before they open the link. Untrusting fuckers ......
I do appreciate your effort, Shiner. It's quite detailed.
And I am quite retarded.
(Apologies for any inconvenience that may have caused.)

What I really hate about my stupid is that I'm still unable to use our new camera and post some neat-o vids of daily craziness at stanky-town...
Like the bird's nest on my steering wheel, or the chopper assault.

Mary is far more patient than I, but she too is struggling with this technology.
Part of me hates it, and part of me hates me.

MY dream is to find another butler that has mad nerd skills.

Meanwhile, the magnetic strip on our fridge door has reversed polarity, and the door won't shut.
How cool is that? It's a 'thing' according to google, with a variety of possible cures.
I really am ashamed about this lack of computer savvy, btw.
Truly, it's akin to being illiterate.

Also, I can't type for shit. Or spell.

Once upon a time, I could build stuff and do a one arm hand-stand...but now, even that is gone.

(If I had a master, he would have me 'put to sleep' around now.)

Out of compassion.
I figured it might be of future use to somebody. I was more just having a poke at you. Uploading pics is a bit of a mindfuck. I've had to relearn my shit a few times now. I'd love to try and help if I could though. I want to see your photos.
Can we still be friends?
I'm not sure. Did the feds take ALL your weed?
My lawyers have asked me not to answer this.
Check. I blame Monsanto for everything. I'll sign witness statements.

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