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cool nerdy stuff
So far.

Grayman's refrigerator link was an exploitation of obscure tech, rather than a violation.
The loop-hole i saw was more of a violation, but only lasted a split second.

But who knows? Given a few zillion years, the laws could change.
Jamie Metzl is an interesting nerd. If you check wikipedia, his credentials are over the top. He's labelled a 'futurist', among other things.
Part of his focus is on genetically modified humans, and that inevitability. Actually, it's already begun. In China.
We can create eggs from stem cells which began as skin cells. Conception is likely to become non-sexual. Which isn't to suggest no sex.
But if we can manipulate genetics for the sake of improving life, won't it become increasingly troubling if we chose not to?
Analogous to rejecting vaccines? Why would we conceive a child with a genetic defect that carries a disease likelihood if we could easily avoid it?

And if China goes for it, won't we be forced to follow suit? Or be crushed by the competition?

Metzl was on JRE podcast today. Interesting discussion, if you're curious:

He also discusses AI, and new versions of the deep blue computers that won chess games at the highest levels. It's crazy far beyond that now.
The latest approach is a radical departure. It crushes all the chess and go masters; it also crushes all the programs that had already crushed all the humans.

There's no stopping this progress. It's becoming too easy to avoid.
A futurist, among other things.

That means he's full of shit, but has made a name for himself and his bullshit. Because even smart peeps like you stank want easy answers. And there are none at this point.

Back in 1800, when we started burning coal, maybe. But not now.
You can lead 'em to knowledge, but you can't make 'em think.

i wrote a brilliant response to the post above.
I bragged at a paradoxically high level, accusing myself of being "the most average person on Earth."

(it was gorgeous prose. And the shitty device stole it. Gone forever.)

I feel certain that i'll never write anything again, to compare to the intense averageness that i expressed, mere moments ago.

Damnit. I hate when that happens.

I think i may have also subtly accused sparky of not actually reading anything about the person in question.
It's too much fun to simply declare that someone is full of shit. It's generally a safe bet. Sight unseen.

a. i'm not a smart peep.
b. even if i was, i'm not after easy answers.

One time, i was forced to take an i.q. test, and i didn't want to.
So i deliberately answered all the questions wrong. Going for a zero.

But i fucked up one of the questions, and accidentally got it right. So i got a 3. Something like that.

I wasn't smart enough to get a zero on an I.Q. test.

top that
What i really hate about being a narcissist asshole is the knowing that i'll never be the biggest one.
Sure, i might be above average in that realm...

But my new president is crushing it.

I'm losing the will to compete.

It's as if you're a world class sprinter, and along comes Usain Bolt. Except, he runs the 100 meters in 5 seconds....not 9.65.

So you hang up your track shoes.
Maybe aspire to be the best hamburger flipper your local McDonald's has ever hired.

Feckin' irony.

My county doesn't even have a McD's.
No opportunities for being stunningly average.

side bar:

Yikes! It just started raining cats and dogs here.
And it's all headed to the Mississippi River.
Which is full up with water.
Record quantities.

That's a lot of cats and dogs.
You guys aren't going to flood out again?

And where do posts go when they get lost like that? I think they're hanging out with the socks that washing machines eat from time to time.
You can lead 'em to knowledge, but you can't make 'em think.

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