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cool nerdy stuff
hilarious posts, you guys.

(T.A.s description of the conservative urban hipster was priceless.)
The term 'fucktard' is reserved for teh speshul stoopidz like Trump. It requires deep dumbth to qualify. Smile
You can lead 'em to knowledge, but you can't make 'em think.
(06-09-2018, 04:40 AM)Di Wundrin Wrote:  Well why not?  Apparently all Conservatives are 'fucktards',  so  fair's fair.

Except they are. I think the evidence still exists that some people on the left are true to their faith. Bernie is a good example, and while you have to look down the ladder a little to find other pockets of the non-serving-left, they're there.

(06-09-2018, 04:40 AM)Di Wundrin Wrote:  The Greens here are a similar mix, except they're run by the gays here and the pixies are just window dressing.  They've become the political wing of the Velvet Mafia in OZ.

That's where your anti-gay culture got you - the Greenmunists here have never been able to get a foothold on faggots because Labour embraced them so early on. When Labour's had the first gay MP, the first transgender MP, and has long since demanded nil discrimination for sexual orientation, that boat had long sailed before the Greens could board it.

Our lot are all pixies, and if they've changed a milligram since I first ran into them in 1974, I have yet to see any sign of it. Same disregard for science and evidence and the same idiotic adherence to Gaia. A good case in point is NZ recently banning oil exploration as a sop to the Greens who put them in power. It's idiotic and will actually lead to more pollution and harm than allowing sensible exploration of low-carbon-yielding fuels while we build an infrastructure to cope with it.

The Greens are fucking morons.
Love is... that one person whose freshly-warm toilet seat you don't find disgusting.
We have two toned Greens. The outer facade is their concern with environmental issues, that's the face they want the pixies/hipster ahem, voters to use as an excuse to vote Green.
The membership in parliament and their race and gender card playing policies reflect the gay lobby.

Fair enough, we should all have a Party that reflects our interests, it's the 2 faces that bother me. The gay one is a lot smarter than the environmental one. That doughy bint Sarah Hansen-Young comes up with ludicrously wrong statements about environmental issues at ever increasing pace. She's probably the main reason their stocks are slipping fast in the polls.

It's their environmental meddling that I take issue with. I have no great interest either way in the gays' status in society.

I just hear the first hand tales of the stupid rules being imposed on farmers by people who live in the hipster suburbs of Sydney and wouldn't go west of Penrith without a space suit on!

btw, the LNP has arguably more gays in their ranks than even the Greens do. They just don't use it as voter 'currency'.

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