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where's that old rock and roll thread part two?
I've met some really good musicians. Not famous stars;more like the guys behind the scenes.
What I have noticed about these freaks is that they really love music.
They will play with anyone, if that's what is available at the moment.

There are some famous cats, like Jeff Beck and Steven Stills, that constantly expand their horizons.
They don't get stuck. They play with everyone; they aren't afraid to expand.

The ones I've met are mostly unknown. Nashville cats. Play circles around your heroes.
They aren't about the fame. They tend to make a modest living with their craft.

And sometimes they cut loose.

When that happens, it is priceless. I've been there.
Sometimes they head for the hills; want to get stoned; kick back...get out of the city.

They are always very generous humans, in my experience. They are humble people.
I love musicians.

It's funny how often the people you think you are hearing on that album are not actually the stars you think they are.
As often as not, it's un-known studio cats; filling in for your stars.

(It's economics...the studio cats can get it done in one take; better than the star. Saves money.)

But these guys are human, and they do cut loose sometimes.
And that is a rare treat.
The album Jeff Beck, Truth was the hottest Brit blues thing ever.

And then Led Zeppilin happened.
And it had over whelming production values. It wasn't because they were was a new type of recording.

One thing you'll never hear Jimmy Page say,is that he's a better guitarist than Jeff.

the more you drive the dumber you get
Damn fine go-go dancers there.
With real go-go boots.

Cool song, though.

(I always found the go-go dancers to be embarrassing...especially when they were put in cages.)

I wonder if a gal could make a decent living back then, being a go-go dancer?

Not a big demand for them anymore.
Slightly tragic, i suppose.

"lower than a snakes ass in a wagon rut." - sparks
Damn good band, those guys.

Ever heard "Hourglass"?

Greg and Duane, pre Allman's.
RIP Danny Kirwan

the more you drive the dumber you get
Oh geeze, the Mac are dying off now, siiiiiigh.

Still, at least he made it past 27.

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