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where's that old rock and roll thread part two?
Let's start with this:
and this:
Another rock song I think is perfect, though I'm not very mature:

(Turn it up.)
Another obscure band i thought was sort-of perfect:

um, looks like that link failed.
Here's another one: The Smithereens:
Love this tune, because they had good enunciation; rare in a rock band...and I love Mexico:

Wall of Vodoo:
Squeeze is another semi-obscure band that had great stuff:
James McMurty is a relatively unknown American treasure:

Steve Earle is better known. Here's his first hit: And then he just got better...

That's country music, imho.
They don't play it on the country radio stations...that's one way of recognizing it.

Before I bore you to death, I need to mention John Prine and Leo Kottke. Freaking love those cats.

It's ll about the vibe for me. No make-up; no pyrotechnics...just the music, please.

A last attempt at someone very obscure:

Greg Brown, "Your town now".
(Speaks to me as a hillbilly and a codger...and a song-writer. Check it out.)

Can't resist this final indulgence:

The amazing Leo Kottke doing the old Byrd's song, "Eight Miles High".
Love Leo; love this song. Used to play it, too. Such strange lyrics:
Leo Kottke had a way of sounding like 3 guitar players at the same time. It wasn't tricks. I've heard him solo.
Humble guy.
He's also a writer. Writes some crazy ass prose.

Totally love that cat.

Ben Howard does a cool song that employs a similar odd chord progression as 8 miles high.
(Not accusing him of theft; love the song and his voice, and the abstract lyrics.)
Clearly, I'm just venting here.

Today, I picked up my guitar, after nearly a year.
I've been fairly down, for a variety of reasons...I blame me.
Health issues; Trump issues, etc.

I was amazed that I can still play. It did hurt my fingers. Got to keep up with that.
Wrote a new song.

God forbid I gain the cyber skills to post some of my songs.
I've got more than 100.
Ten are good.
One is great.

Meanwhile, thanks for indulging me.
(I should be scrubbing. My daughter and family are coming for a visit; Mary wants the place spotless before then. We have lots of spots. It's a freaking jungle here.)
A bit of evidence regarding Leo Kottke:

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