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Bob Hawke Adds His Support
In typical Hawke fashion, mincing no words:

Quote:In my judgement, there's no moral or ethical grounds for the absurdity of having a position where a person is in terrible pain and for some quasi-religious or moral reason you're going to make them suffer and suffer and suffer.
Love is... that one person whose freshly-warm toilet seat you don't find disgusting.
Yes, Hawkey has been having a bit to say about it.  His light doesn't shine so bright with the younger gens, they don't remember him in his heyday, but he does still carry some weight with older voters and with pollies themselves.  They quake a bit when he speaks, he doesn't pull punches.

We miss the Hawkeys in politics now, now they're all bloody pussies pandering to the jackal journos and their poxy polls instead of to the people they are supposed to represent.  Old Bob wouldn't have ponced around trying to look "fair".  Even I voted for Hawkey, ... back then, when Labor was the Party of the working, not shirking, class.

He's wasting his time on the euthanasia issue though, they've all closed ranks on it, and I've no idea why really.
The polls they all read as gospel continuously return results of well above 70% approval in the population so why none of them go with it is beyond me.  Has to be something darker at work.

What puzzles me is that the gay marriage issue is constantly returning much the same result and those polling figures are used as "proof" that it should just be legislated without bothering with plebiscites etc, yet the 70% + result for euthanasia is ignored.   Seems people only have democratic rights to have a say on selected issues.  When did that constitute the definition of democracy?
Clearly, the problem in Aussie is the church control of sufficient members of the Liberal Party. I don't know of Turnbull being all that religious, but it can only be church money that's keeping the opposition to those two subjects in place.
Love is... that one person whose freshly-warm toilet seat you don't find disgusting.
But the Gillard gubbermint backed off it too and she was an atheist Labor leader. (If Labor ever really has leaders now, seems they just shove puppets out for the public to look at and all the strings are pulled elsewere.)
Big pharma. There is profit in keeping vegetables alive.

I'm sure my theory is full of holes, and probably lacking wholes ...... but .....

I should've been a conspiracy theorist.
"Nobody should pin their hopes on a miracle": Vladimir Putin
Hey, nuthin wrong with that as a career Shiner, constructing them is a fine hobby.  The trick is not to put too much faith in 'em being right, even our own.  
It's never too late mate, get into it!  I've been looking for 'em in everything, finding plenty too.   Fun stuff.  [Image: happy-053.gif]

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