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Fuck Winter!
No seriously, what do they call Continental in Bumphuck motels??
damnit, Di!

If you must know the awful truth, i'll spill it:

First, i must say i don't eat breakfast. haven't for decades. Mary does, but she tends not to eat crap food.
Second, i don't want to sound like a bitch. I think it's nice that shitty motels provide this service. Fancy ones do, as well.

At this particular "Continental Breakfast" bar, the offerings were the following:

1. Coffee. With corresponding foam cups; sugar and fake sugar packets; non-dairy creamer and stir sticks, made of red plastic material, roughly 4 inches long, with a small diameter, appropriate to the task.
2. A full loaf of white bread; Bunny brand, in it's wrapper, on the table, which was adorned with a white paper table cloth. A two slice toaster sat nearby, as well as a tub of margarine; the brand name escapes me, but it sounded hellish tasty. There were also tiny tubs of sealed jelly; two flavors, if you wanted to get frisky.
3. There were two dry cereal dispensers. I was intrigued by the mechanism that allows the cereal to flow into the plastic bowl provided, but i didn't try it because i wasn't going to eat it and hate to waste food for mere science. The hoppers were translucent, exposing the choices: Cheerios (which are a popular torus-shaped extrusion of oat paste and other stuff, and part of a wholesome breakfast; the most important meal of the day, btw) and Raisin Bran. Flakes and raisins. and stuff.. There was also a half gallon jug of 2% milk in the area, as well as some plastic spoons.
4. Last and best, a dispenser of orange juice, along with small plastic cups.

I should amend my disclaimer about not eating breakfast, because i did partake of a cup of coffee and a small cup of juice.

(Which, i believe, makes me "Extra Continental".)

but you already knew that
Quote:(Which, i believe, makes me "Extra Continental".)

Of course!  Your obvious Continentalness made you the ideal person to ask about such things.

I think I've been to that motel. Confused  But here not there.  Actually it was more a B and B than a motel, dive anyway.

I don't eat breakfast now either.  I drink a small container of that 'orrible soy milk, chocolate flavoured of course, which has a few mineral and vitamin additives and that sees me through most of the day.  Sometimes I'll nibble at somethng for lunch and just cook up something for dinner.
Due so some very peculiar metabolic changes that happened a few years back I now can't digest milk, or cereal of anything other than rice based which is not worth eating anyway, nor can I eat bread with yeast in it so even toast is 'toast' on the menu. (It's not the gluten, it's the yeast)
Can't even handle any acidic fruit so juice and tomatoes are also out.

Doesn't leave much other than meat and I reserve that for dinner.  I can eat eggs but what with?  They're not too appetizing without the toast. 
Sometimes I cook some puff pastry in the waffle maker and put scrambled eggs on that but it ain't great. 

But back in the day I ate huge breakfasts.  Loved the motel brekkies of sausages and a cutlet and bacon and eggs and a grilled tomato.  yummmo! 

If I was travelling with Mum, she'd order the 'Continental' and get the thawing crouissant and cold coffee.   (The coffee on the hot brekky tray was always hotter so I reckon there was a definite conspiracy to punish tight arses who only ordered the cheapy. )

We learned eventually to pack a picnic box with a toaster in case theirs didn't work, some bread, bowls and plates and tins of spaghetti and baked beans, little bubble packs of jam and tartare sauce, sachets of coffee, and tea bags, a bottle of ginger marmalade jam,  even a container of margarine if it was winter,  and an electric jug/saucepan/thermos looking thingo for warming food where we weren't supposed to.  It was like camping motel style.

I still ordered the hot brekkies in places I knew did good ones,  but she was happy with her little cereal packets in the bowl and the milk out of the fridge that they supplied, and her toast.  At least her tea or coffee was hot. 
I let them wonder why we only ordered one breakfast.  They probably thought I was starving her.
Here's a camping tip from the stanky diaries:

I would bring a few sticks of brand X margarine; cheap as fuck, in a foil wrapper.
At night, you can peel back some of the foil and poke a small stick in it as a wick.
Voila! Instant candle for a dime.

In a pinch, you can supposedly eat the stuff.
Or use it as a lotion.
I think brand X is what came with Mum's half frozen croissants.
The band, "X" is well worth hearing.

"I must not think bad thoughts"

X was considered early punk at the time.

To me, they were more like Peter, Paul and Mary.

So cool.
back on topic:

Hell, yeah!
Fuck Winter!

(and listen to that song by "X", because it's great.)

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