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News about the Pope, the Vatican, and Catholicism
French cardinal guilty of abuse cover-up

Quote:France's most senior Roman Catholic cleric, the cardinal Philippe Barbarin, has been given a six-month suspended sentence for his role in covering up the sexual abuse of minors.

Barbarin was found guilty of failing to report allegations of assaults by a priest in the 1980s and 1990s.


The claims relate to alleged abuses committed by priest Bernard Preynat, who is now 73 and who ran a boy-scout group in the Lyon area for many years. Dozens of men say he sexually assaulted them as children.

Mr Preynat lawyer's has said his client has admitted the allegations, but that the statute of limitations has expired. French officials argue that some of the offences can still be prosecuted and a criminal case has been opened against the priest.
"Just be patient, have a rum shot and a smoke and maybe a toke and enjoy the company." - sparks
6 months suspended? That's more than Pell got, which was bugger all for the cover ups. And nobody will be surprised if he only gets home detention for the actual abuses.
The Law is wrong and should be changed: Those who hide the crime are just as guilty as the perps and should suffer the same consequences.

In fact, an argument could be put forward that anyone who covers up a crime should be subject to far more severe a sentence than the perp himself. On the basis that one who covers up crime enables more of same, like the spread of infectious disease. The perp is merely a carrier and can be cured, and society healed, by separating him from his life (ability to continue to offend).

We'll have to come up with something else for those who cover up this heinous shit. And it should end in the death of the convicted. But let's take our time getting there, and on free for view TV.
You can lead 'em to knowledge, but you can't make 'em think.
If we adhered to any high ethical standards, how would we have a president?
Cardinal George Pell sentenced to six years in prison for child sex abuse
"Just be patient, have a rum shot and a smoke and maybe a toke and enjoy the company." - sparks
With luck, that should be life.
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Only if there's a God TA ... or a Bubba. CoolSmile

Colour me, and about 90% of the Oz population amazed!!  We thought for sure he'd get off with restriction to the Holy Mary Resort for Bewildered Priests for 3 months!!  

Yeee bloody haaaa!

Here's an article written by a fierce lefty journo who is also (judging by previous statements) a devout tyche.
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"Just be patient, have a rum shot and a smoke and maybe a toke and enjoy the company." - sparks
Harry Potter books banned from Catholic school for fear of student spells

"Kids may be tempted to conjure "evil spirits," the Nashville school's pastor says."

Quote:Rev. Dan Reehil, the pastor of the school serving kindergarten through eighth grade, removed the books from circulation because of "recommendations of exorcists in United States and Rome," according to CNN on Tuesday.

"These books present magic as both good and evil, which is not true," Reehil said in an e-mail originally published by the Tennessean on Saturday. "The curses and spells used in the books are actual curses and spells, which when read by a human being risk conjuring evil spirits into the presence of the person reading the texts."

"when read by a human being"?

No word if he has banned the C. S. Lewis Narnia series as well.
"Just be patient, have a rum shot and a smoke and maybe a toke and enjoy the company." - sparks
Or banned the Bible in case the kindy kids start conjuring wine and fish and bread rolls out of thin air.

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