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Machine Gun America
On a recent trip to the deep south of the U.S., I saw billboards along rt 75 in Florida for a new family fun attraction of the thread title.
The bill boards show exaggeratedly sexy babes; scantily clad, holding machine guns.
Directly across the Hi-way, near Lake City, Fl, one can't miss the largest and tallest Confederate flag I've ever seen.
Millions of people drive this road. This new degree of crassness wasn't there a few years ago...although the bill-boards advertising topless breakfast waitresses; catering to truckers, were.

It's very Christian.

Insanely expensive, btw.
Quote:The marketing seems to be aimed mostly at well-off foreign tourists from countries where guns are illegal, who are willing to pay through the nose for a minute or two of fantasy.

I'd say that's where the money 'shot' is.  Aussies come back with selfies taken in gun shops, and boot sales where people are selling guns and military stuff,   and tales of people walking around with holsters and such. 
Fucking well doomed.
Why is a meal somehow better when it's served by a babe who can't afford a bra and blouse? This is fucking madness.

And why are .... Scantily clad young ladies stands on it's own. Why the fuck add guns, cars, boats, planes, boner pills, etc. to that? I am not going to buy anything just because they're trying to sell it with sex. Indeed, I'll go out of my way to not patronize these fuckers who think this shit is OK.

...Fuck it all. Our species is certifiable. And, with some exceptions, dumb as a sack full of wet hammers.
You can lead 'em to knowledge, but you can't make 'em think.
In my 'normal' life, i'm seldom exposed to any commercial messages.
Our road trip last week was an eye opener and an assault upon the senses.
Like sparky, ads work backwards on me. I'll punish them for it.

Saw my brother on the trip; asked him about ads and if they even work and how; incomprehensible to me.
According to his assessment, which i haven't dug into yet, the U.S. is somewhat unique in our tolerance of obtrusive ads.
Four % of the global population and 80% of the ads.

Most stunning revelation in that conversation is that businesses can right off ads on their taxes as operating costs.
Hence, tax-payers foot the bill for this barrage of soul-sucking crap.

Commercial messages are nearly universally hated. We'll pay extra to avoid them.

(This message brought to you by the fine folks at TBP,inc.)

You haven't polished brass unless you've done it the Titanic way.
(04-25-2019, 08:40 AM)sparks Wrote:  Fucking well doomed.
Why is a meal somehow better when it's served by a babe who can't afford a bra and blouse?  This is fucking madness.

I got talked into going to a lunch strip show about ten years ago. The bloke had good business, but was a sleazy cunt and it doesn't offend my morals at all.

What got me is that strip bars have gone the same way as internet porn - instead of trying to be sexy, the idea is to stretch one's labia as soon as you possibly can, then proceed to shove it in guys' faces in the hope they'll give you a dollar. I was glad to be sitting at the back.
Love is... that one person whose freshly-warm toilet seat you don't find disgusting.
I'm probably a prude.

I had to sort of pretend to like someone before having sex.

If it was to happen twice, I really needed to like something about them...and most likely them, as well.

Nothing can shrivel my dick like a strip club.

It's not the strippers that turn me off. They're just like real people that grew up poor.

It's the guys in the club that shrivel my dick.

They have no love in their hearts.
I thought I had a touch of prude lurking 'cos I wouldn't be caught dead at those "girls nights out" where they went to parties and dives with male strippers.

Like Stanky it wasn't the strippers that put me off, they were mainly poofs anyway as 'normal Aussie' blokes were never that buff, it was the behaviour of the women that disgusted me.

These doyens of gender equality where displaying the lowest form of it at those gigs.
Back out in the daylight they were stalwartly demanding male respect for their minds not their fannies with no realization just how like men they really were.

Call me picky but I'm still bewildered what the hell they got out of shoving 50 buck notes down some greased up poof's jocks. wtf?? Didn't they even know that most of those blokes were 'cats'?? ...(I've no idea why we called them that back in the 70s/80s .. some called slow racehorses cats too. odd terminology)
We're such old farts, my love.

Funny, my morality, if I have any, was born of economic considerations.
I couldn't afford costly sin.
And I never had the drive to afford the rewards.

Cocaine was a large part of it. Never cared for it. Too expensive for the buzz.

To this day, i can tell when a movie or a record is coke-infused.

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