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The all new Trump thread! - stanky - 09-30-2020

seemed like time for a fresh start. The old Trump thread, which Di Wonderin started, has a million 300 thousand views. That is crazy.
I suspect it has been compromised. Possibly by Russians. 

I know a lot about Russians.
Once, at a bar, a hot chick bought me a "white Russian". I think it was a milkshake with cheap vodka. Not sure. My attention was riveted elsewhere. I've also had Russian Dressing on a salad. I think it's mayonnaise and ketchup; 50-50.

The theme of this new Trump thread is to avoid any mention of him. It's too much attention. Can't be good for anyone. Especially child actors. And some pro-wrestlers. That Joe Biden, christ...he ain't no pro-wrestler.

The stankerosa is surrounded by coyotes the last few days. Our fluffy dog has been barking all night. It's horrible. We yell at her, but her commitment to protecting us is stronger than simply obeying when we yell "shut the fuck up! We can't sleep! We aren't even scared of coyotes! But she totally means well. We're idiotic hippies that haven't slept well in a few days. I can't bring myself to wrap the dog's muzzle with duct tape. I bet Kamala Harris could. She seems ballsy.
Her debate with Pence could be entertaining...but the problem always is this: Both people have so much shit on the other that neither want to mention it.

TA recently mentioned that Biden paid 3 million in taxes. Gave one mil to charity. Cool.
How much do you need to make to owe 3 mil in taxes? How does Biden make his money? Does it even matter?
He's only running for president. Why should it even get a mention?

carry on

RE: The all new Trump thread! - sparks - 09-30-2020

We're a month and a few days from electing a new Shithead in Cunt, and mere days after that, I turn 60 fucking 3.

Stank, you mentioned those bloody Rooskies a few threads ago: I was married to one a few decades ago for about a year and a half one afternoon. Biggest waste of time and money I ever made. We learn by doing.

But I did go to Thailand because of it. Can't wait to go back. What a great fucking trip! In spite of the stupid fucking cunt. Smile

RE: The all new Trump thread! - stanky - 09-30-2020

Intriguing stuff, sparky.
There's a novel in the details.
I've had good love go bad a few times. Not cheap. But good in retrospect. It's how it is.
How often have you met a couple that have been together for several years, that you envy?

But then, how often do you meet a single, older person, whom you envy?
It's all peanut butter and jelly shit get to choose chunky or smooth; grape or strawberry.
I'm envious of your youth. Fuck, even Mary is older than you, and i robbed the cradle with her.

Can't you get social security at 62?
You've had real jobs. Surely you'd be worth a grand a month, eh?

Here's an offer:
If you truly get the shits of it, you can live here for $100/month.
Free, if you'll do some token work around the place.
It ain't the Ritz. And I'm a major asshole. You'd hate me early on. But there's enough space that you wouldn't need to see me.
Lately, you've been sounding like a dog that needs rescuing.

You can have my cat.
That's my best offer.

(Any chance you could bring the ducks? We have a pond. It's possible that the coyotes wouldn't get to them on the water.)

RE: The all new Trump thread! - sparks - 10-01-2020

Grand a month easy. 2 if I wait until 66.5 and 3 and some change at 70. I am aiming for 70, provided my health doesn't go to shit on me. WTF, it's only 7 years, I could do 7 years standing on my head! Smile

RE: The all new Trump thread! - stanky - 10-01-2020

You don't have 7 years.

RE: The all new Trump thread! - sparks - 10-01-2020

Why not? Think it's all going to collapse before then?

RE: The all new Trump thread! - stanky - 10-02-2020

Hard to see how it won't.

RE: The all new Trump thread! - sparks - 10-02-2020

You really are pessimistic about this!

7 I doubt, 70 almost a sure thing.

RE: The all new Trump thread! - Di Wundrin - 10-02-2020

Ignore him Sparky, another 7 is a sure bet, an if it isn't, then you won't know that, or care will you??

I wrote myself off at 60 but I'm 15 past that and the motor's still okay. Chassis is shot to hell, but the motor's okay.
You'll do it in a breeze mate.

We share a star sign Sparks, explains why we're such cheerful souls eh?

Here's a couple of class cats for ya.

RE: The all new Trump thread! - stanky - 10-02-2020

(10-02-2020, 07:33 AM)sparks Wrote:  You really are pessimistic about this!

7 I doubt, 70 almost a sure thing.

Funny to hear that from you. Have you read some of your recent posts?

Not too sound defensive, but what I'm pessimistic about are plans that don't add up. I'm not pessimistic about alternate possibilities...although I don't see them happening within a political approach or entrenched system.
As an analogy, because I understand masonry, if I was affiliated with a group that desired to build something that would collapse, I would appear to be pessimistic. I would try to convince them of the folly of the plan, and if that failed, i might feel alienated and even depressed for a while.

For Di, she's right to suggest ignoring me on this, but she may have missed the intent. I'm not suggesting that sparky's body doesn't have 7 more years, I'm suggesting that the system doesn't. Nor can I imagine that your social security check will exist in 7 years.
The crux of my pessimism stems from seeing how we lack the will to do what must be done; collectively; within present archaic political/economic systems. From the science side of this, we've known since i was a little kid that the approach was unsustainable.
And the general response to the facts has been "Damn the torpedoes! Full speed ahead!" 
Hence, carbon emissions increase; archaic agriculture is stepped up; the Amazon continues to be deforested; disposable plastic crap is cranked out at an ever more feverish if there's no way around it. Rampant consumerism is promoted as if it is the one true religion.

Here's two bits of optimism I have:
One, that there are many very clever and decent humans, formulating ways of replacing are out-dated ways...including new economic models and even political strategies. The ideas aren't fringe ideas, but the size of the team of technicians is so small, that it appears to be fringe. We should keep in mind that something like the Manhattan project was a very fringe effort. It was a collaboration of a very small sub-set of humans. The science was sound, and it ultimately worked (for better or worse) but the effort itself was extremely fringe and secretive.

Two, I have some hope that a renaissance of psychedelics without the taint of criminality might actually be able to change the way people have succumbed to the deadening zeitgeist of the present times. There are some signs that these tools are being reconsidered, in professional arenas.