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Free Hate Speech - stanky - 12-23-2019

I hate Kikes and Niggers and Wops and Micks and Slopes..hate 'em all.
Hate people, in general.
Feel justified in that.
Hate ticks and rats and flea and a few plants, too.

But I don't hate Mormons.

See how i suddenly defined my hate speech?

In fact, I love Mormons.

RE: Free Hate Speech - stanky - 12-23-2019

I hate bikes, canoes and guitars.

But i love semi-auto assault rifles.

It's not what you hate, it's what you love.

I hate everyone except Hitler.

RE: Free Hate Speech - stanky - 12-24-2019

Too abstract? Or too obvious?

Di, of course, is obligated to respond to this, due to a deal we made yeAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa​aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

yikes. keyboard went nuts. i think i fixed it by pulling the cord out, and putting it back in.
pretty cool. suddenly, i'm a computer expert.

This will look good on my resume'.

RE: Free Hate Speech - The Atheist - 12-24-2019

(12-23-2019, 06:43 PM)stanky Wrote:  I hate everyone except Hitler.

So you should. I think history is proving that he was 100% right, and he only made one mistake - attacking Russia before subduing the western alliance. Russia would have kept - Stalin didn't want war and wouldn't have built up arms.

Germans were a very happy people up to September 1939. The country was booming; there was no bigotry - since all the targets had been swept out of society - no money being wasted on the disabled; everyone was employed, financially secure and happy. One great nation under god.

RE: Free Hate Speech - stanky - 12-24-2019

TA is using double reverse irony...and it makes my head hurt.

RE: Free Hate Speech - stanky - 12-24-2019

It would be cool if we were running for office, and some of this was taken out of context...and used against us.

Can you imagine me explaining myself, when this thread was brought up by my opponent on the debate stage?

"Mr. Stanky, what exactly did you mean when you wrote "I hate Kikes and Niggers"?

Imagine trying to weasel around that.

While also being pathetically non hateful.

Only two-dimensional personalities need apply.
Irony and satire are more than we can handle.
Society at large, as we pretend to see it, is clearly on the autism spectrum.
We don't even have a word for the people on the extreme opposite end of the spectrum.

me, for instance.

I think i got anti-ass burgers syndrome.

RE: Free Hate Speech - Di Wundrin - 12-25-2019

Has that got pickles on it?

RE: Free Hate Speech - sparks - 12-25-2019

Well this has been a fun thread.

But not all that much.