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psychedelic drugs edging towards legitimacy? - stanky - 05-05-2017

Every day, I notice news articles about illegal drugs and their potential for mental health.
Micro-dosing with lsd has become a 'thing'.
Being as an actual dose of lsd can be a tenth of a milligram, a micro-dose would be an unimaginable small quantity of substance.

There is something of symbolic significance in that. The tiny meets the huge.
This is also true with little; so threatening.

here's a mainstream news blurb about lsd that neglected to bad-mouth it:

wtf is going on?

will the macro-dose eventually gain mainstream credibility?

(God help us all. What's next? Gay marriage?)

be very afraid.

RE: psychedelic drugs edging towards legitimacy? - stanky - 05-05-2017

Here's another news clip from today, about the potential of a very different type of illegal drug:

and there's more; trials using mdma for ptsd treatment with good results.

Not to mention relentless consideration for cbd from cannabis, as medicine for a wide variety of problems.

wtf? Is this the nightmare of the church ladies and old white conservative republicans?

Is this the "Revenge of the Hippies"??!!

What's next?
Pre-marital sex?!?!
Organic foods?
Comfortable shoes?
Swimming naked?
Inter-racial friendships?
Not beating up homos?

(I'm just not ready)

RE: psychedelic drugs edging towards legitimacy? - stanky - 05-05-2017

Hopefully, Trump will force us back to our senses; Mitch McConnel will demand that America re-embrace the values that made him a multi-millionaire; Pat Robertson and his mission will put women back in their place.
Bill O'Reilly will return to glory and explain why Negroes get a fair shake and are evidently genetically inadequate in some way.

Just below all the happy horse-shit that remains our official policy, is a tidal wave of opposition and grooviness.

Turns out, most people don't even want a nuclear war.
Most people are relatively cool.

The weird tragedy is the illogical influence of a small number of pure sociopaths, and their strangle hold on the world.

They simply must go.

RE: psychedelic drugs edging towards legitimacy? - sparks - 05-05-2017

I've done my share of macro-dosing and found it to be thoroughly enjoyable, but not something I'd do more than once or twice a year. I usually reserve such indulgences for camping. 12 hours out of a week or more in the woods getting to know the forest in a 'different' way is always cleansing somehow. And while Vitamin A may or may not be physically addictive, the fact that it makes anxiety and apprehension go away means that it's a good bet it can be psychologically addictive.

We are capable of anxiety and apprehension because we evolved this way. Reasonable amounts, legitimate amounts of these emotions helped keep us alive. But our modern situation seems to trigger us into a frenzy of these and related emotions, and that's where they stop serving us and start hindering us. We'd do better to get back to a lifestyle that didn't over-trigger us.

So, if someone wants to drop a micro-dose (which should be clinically prepared to insure it IS a micro-dose) every few days, I have no problem with that. However, don't get behind the wheel of a car until we have more information on the long term effects, umkay?

RE: psychedelic drugs edging towards legitimacy? - sparks - 05-05-2017

BTW--Where the hell are my keys? I can hear them talking to me, but I just can't see them!

No, wait. There they are: They'd temporarily turned into tiny Pterodactyls...

RE: psychedelic drugs edging towards legitimacy? - stanky - 05-05-2017

Sparky, you old rascal!

Wouldn't have guessed you were a psychonaut back in the day.
I find it very cool about your camping scenario; i couldn't agree more.
I wouldn't dream of opening myself up like that and being that vulnerable and impressionable anywhere near the world of automobiles and responsibilities.

Having a transcendent experience that might involve weeping naked is inappropriate behavior at a shopping mall.
I first heard about the micro-dosing thing via silicon valley movers and shakers, and it gave me a slightly icky feeling.

I'd much rather that society at large could condone the occasional macro-dose experience instead, and that it was educated about it.
There is a long history of ceremonial use of psychotropic substances in most early attempts at civilization.
The move to criminalize that act, and the substances that go with it, is a serious matter.

RE: psychedelic drugs edging towards legitimacy? - sparks - 05-05-2017

Agreed on all points!

RE: psychedelic drugs edging towards legitimacy? - stanky - 05-05-2017

I'm losing my edge.
To have princess Di and Sparky agreeing with me on the same day, is troubling.

(kidding, mate. Delighted to learn this about you.)

I'd really like to be privy to your professional knowledge,you know?
I'd be a sponge for that.

It's kind-of what this is all about.
(My own technical knowledge is so boring, I tend to ramble on about the hypothetical instead. Even Mary has never read my published stuff, nor would I ever ask her to. It's that dull.)

RE: psychedelic drugs edging towards legitimacy? - The Atheist - 05-06-2017

The lack of use of psychotropic drugs through illegality has been likened to the Holocaust, and when you think about the millions of suicides and murders committed by mentally ill people, it might not be far wrong.

Still, the dam has broken and started a trickle that must soon sweep away the idiotic War on Drugs.

RE: psychedelic drugs edging towards legitimacy? - stanky - 05-06-2017

Aye, mate.

And even war itself?

Of all the Pollanna-Bambi nonsense I'm obligated to spew here, to be honest, I have more faith in illegal psychedelic drugs than even the most elegant technological breakthroughs.

To confess that publicly is something of the kiss of death to credibility.

Too late.