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Full Version: Windows 10 ??
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Does it have anything whizzbang to offer  an IT dinosaur who is perfectly happy with 7 Home Premium (or whatever)?

The thought of having to start from scratch and nut out what everyone else already knows just depresses me.
That's an easy one: don't download it.

You won't need to have it, and if you're running 7/Vista, you'll probably just eat up your memory by installing it.

I'm not sure why MS is pushing it so hard. Maybe that's the point. ^^^^
Thanks TA, I was hoping for that advice.

Somehow anything free from MS sounds like an oxymoron.
I wasn't a big fan of 7. 8 less so, though it generally ran better than 7. 10 is a fairly decent improvement on 8.

I recommend it, but then I have a ballsy laptop - on a good machine 10 is far better than 7. The system requirements for 7 and 10 are listed as being the same, but I'd do some googling of reviews from people who made that same transition - there will be a heap of them, and check what their hardware specs are and how they compare to yours.
Good idea Spoons, I've sent out some emails to others I know with a similar IT edjakashun to mine and using similar laptop set ups. Haven't heard back yet, they probably don't know either.

I don't need anything high tech, I wouldn't know what to do with it, but 7 will go eventually so it's knowing when to leave the comfort zone that's the trick.
I've been having a hard look around: the verdict is in on W10 and it's very good.

I've been sceptical, but the overwhelming response says 10 is better and it doesn't use up your memory.

Upgrade, Di!

I'll be doing it myself today.
Thanks TA, got an answer from the most IT savvy friend and he's saying the same thing.
He's given me a list of links etc to suss out but the first one I looked at made my eyeballs rotate.

This is gonna be ugly but I'll make the jump eventually. He reckons 7 will be dumped next year anyway. siiiiigh.
Yes, MS has a nasty habit of doing that, but then again, they've never given away free downloads before.

One IT guru reckons it's to make up for all the shitty versions of Windows we've all paid for over the years.
I've "Reserved" a copy, whatever tf that means but will do a bit more research before leaping in. Have a swag of piccys to back up onto a stick too, if I can find the damned things. Chaos reigns here.
What's 'Windows"?
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