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Full Version: Bizarreness
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A woman has a scan during pregnancy and the foetus' spina bifida is missed, so she is given compensation, because she would have aborted it.

Now, the child is also receiving compensation for not having been aborted.

Taking it to the logical conclusion for me would be to execute the kid.
WTF? People will do anything for a few bucks. How depressing.
Not sure I'd call living with spina bifida "doing anything for a few bucks". I imagine the requirements to deal with it are pretty expensive, and she would normally get nothing, so if she gets a few bucks, more power to her, I'd say.
My point is this: Why the fuck didn't she abort?
(10-19-2021, 09:10 AM)sparks Wrote: [ -> ]My point is this:  Why the fuck didn't she abort?

Because the scan missed it. She would have. Hence, the issue.
Yep, the only person whose fault it wasn't was the mother. She did everything right and the hospital fucked up.

We have a proud record of hospitals fucking up in NZ. A recent case that hasn't made the news - and won't until the coroner reports on it - is a baby who was taken to hospital with non-life-threatening injuries, only to be killed by hopelessly incompetent staff.