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Full Version: Di, amazing news!
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You'll recall me mentioning everyone was expecting a triple homicide to come out of the missing family whose car was found abandoned on the beach.

We were all wrong - they've been found, safe and well, living in the bush. Looks like the dad wanted everyone to assume they'd drowned.

A rare piece of good news.
Presumably, this news has trashed his escape to the bush?
Poor bloke. He thought he had it covered. But I guess they found him anyway.
Any part two in the saga?
Are they in legal trouble?

It's very difficult to go feral these days. It's pretty much illegal, everywhere.
otoh, what is feral? A pick pocket in NYC could be seen as feral.
(That's illegal too.)
Going feral is no issue.

The guy's problem is a kidnapping charge, because he took the kids away from the mother.
I should have read the link. My bad. Won't happen again.
Not only good news TA, but very rare good outcome from those situations.

It even got a mention on the News here last night. The puzzled look on the face of the newsreader was indication that at least the producer had a clue of the rarity of the occurrence. The newsreader looked as though she'd never even heard of NZ let alone worked out why the story (stripped of the kidnap detail) was included in her script.

Why can't we hear good outcomes more often eh?
Because they don't usually end like that, sadly.
Too true. Sad
Fuckin' hell!

Whether it's coincidence with lockdown, or as a result of it, we're having a real murder wave here right now. Our usual average is 1.5 a week, but we've had 11 in the past 9 days. One guy got chopped up with an axe in broad daylight and there's been a spate of domestic murders as well as a couple on the street, and a particularly nasty one of a Down Syndrome woman abducted, raped and murdered, also in daytime.
Jesus. And here I am, welcoming a lockdown. As long as someone pays me for it! Smile
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