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Full Version: Facebook
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Nah, nuthin' to see there.  The Farcebook cyber borg was referring to the Archbishops.

Quote:"In the Church of England, the archbishop of York is primate of England, whereas the archbishop of Canterbury is primate of the entire Anglican Communion."

heh heh heh.
This is pure gold!

Apparently, Farcebook and its bedfellows Instagram and WhatsApp went down all day yesterday. This made a lot of people very sad.

Why did it take so long to fix, the screams ask.

Quote:Sheera Frenkel, a tech reporter for the New York Times, told the BBC part of the reason it took so long to fix was because "the people trying to figure out what this problem was couldn't even physically get into the building" to work out what had gone wrong.

I figured they needed to fix their image after the recent highly publicized whistle blower explained how they do evil.