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Full Version: what's up with stanky?
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We had visitors. Royalty, to me. We've been occupied with that.
I got to hang out with the best and smartest human I know.
And it was his birthday. Mary made a fabulous hippy cake, with lots of carrots in it.
We had fabulous meals from the garden. We have ripe melons now, for instance...and fresh tomatoes.
We had esoteric conversations. Dogs were present. The neighbor even stopped in for the conversation and a brunch made from eggs and herbs from the farm.
They left yesterday, headed to Canada, via the Adirondacks.

Today, back on the project...making the new slave quarters. Hot as hell. My employee couldn't have been better.
He's very skilled and willing; has all the tools; great truck; creative features that go well with my insane approach to construction.
He grew up in a religious cult near here. His history is amazing.

Here's what I've been reading:

Life's Engines

Just finished it. Great book. Details of the nano-machinery of micro-organisms, and how those mechanisms allow us.

Now delving into a heavier read:

"The Grand Biocentric Design"

(Robert Lanza and others.)

Looks to be "must read" stuff to me.

Also, often listening to Lex Fridman's podcast.
He's an interesting nerd and has great guests.
He's a Russian immigrant; M.I.T. doctorate in AI. Smart fella without a trace of arrogance.
He's been hosting a variety of various experts in their fields. Good stuff, generally.
Recommended, if you get a chance or have time to spare.

That's all for now.
Tomorrow, August 12, is my birthday. Evidently, I'm getting older.
I plan to celebrate it by working in the hot sun, with my young friend, to wrap up this project.
I have even scheduled a backhoe for the occasion.

Mary asked "What would you like to do on your birthday?"

"Finish this job."
Was my honest answer.