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Full Version: Is it just me, or are the Olympics gay?
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Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Yet, I have this other prejudice...that the Olympics was a great way to have symbolic wars between nations.
The best warriors would compete, in symbolic struggles, to see who could run the fastest; jump the highest; throw the discus or the javelin the furthest and most accurately. It was all macho stuff. Surrogate war skills, in competition, with the killing on hold.

I'm glad for the females taking part. In separate categories. They are amazing.
I'm glad for the new hybrid races that have two males and two females.
Why not?
We already have the Paralympics.
We could have the gay Olympics or the transgender Olympics...I'd be fine with it.

But I don't want bowling. Or golf. Or shooting guns. I don't want twiddly winks to become an Olympic sport. 
I want to preserve the warrior spirit of the games.
Because I suspect that said competitions are honestly effective as a tool for ambassadors of goodwill. Showing off their bad-ass warriors. While agreeing not to kill each other.

Funny, I'm repulsed by the shooting events, mostly because the shooters don't need to be athletes.
I suspect that the early Olympics; pre-guns, were more about spear chucking and rock throwing. We still have those games. both sexes, even. Hammer throw; discus; javelin; shot-put...weapon's skills.
Running skills would show-off how quickly your skinny guy could run to the next village, to warn of imminent aggression.
Brute strength, in relation to hand on hand struggles, was a way to demonstrate your capabilities before it came down to that.

Awesome swimmers would also come in handy, back in the early days.

Don't get me wrong here; i'm in favor of the new direction. I watched the female gold medalist preform today, on a bmx bike.
There's no doubt that these kids are extraordinary athletes. They do gymnastics stunts with way less protection.
I dig that it evolved from a street thing; often not law-abiding; same with skate boarding. And surfing. All Olympic sports now.
They don't seem to have any militaristic edge to them. Wheres as the 400 m hurdles; or the races with passing of batons, could be seen that way. 

Anyway, I forgot what i wanted to say.
It could be argued that shooting is weapons skills.
Something a little more traditional for you, stanky:
Yes, it certainly could. But it isn't athletics. As the guns get more high tech, a robot would suffice for the gold.
I'd like to see all that shit rooted out of the games.
g-man posted in between.

Great link, btw.
I'm Scott's Irish.
My nearest large town/ small city, is Glasgow, KY.
They have celebrations regarding the Highland Games.

As the Europeans invaded the new world, the Irish (and Scotts) settled into the rough places.
The well heeled Germans and Dutch tended to get the good places. The mostly starving white trash settled into the rough hills of Appalachia.
I'm a rather typical example. Ancestral damage of various genocides.
My people came here with nothing. Escaping the ravages of an empire. Potato famine, they called it.
But it was really a genocide.
History is unsavory, for sure.
Yet, knowledge of it helps explain some stuff.