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Full Version: Captain Obvious Presents...
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Captain Obvious today reports that rich people are corrupt and flout tax laws.

People keep asking me about the Panama Papers and seem to think it's revelatory.

I explain that it isn't news of any kind, and that nothing will result from it. Tony Blair, The King of Jordan, (no, not Michael Jordan, Mariah), the president of Kenya, politicians in Pakistan, and the inevitable Vlad the Impaler.

How the fuck anyone can be surprised is the surprise to me.

The Captain also noticed today that a former employee of the mango cunt has said that his second presidency will be all about revenge.

You don't say...
The new stupid has an evil aspect to it.
We're dealing with a goddamned cunt. If any President deserved a bullet in the brain, it's this sonofabitch.
Sparky, I don't share your violent default settings, but if i did, i'd be more pissed about the lame opposition.
How is it remotely possible that mainstream news is discussing Trump's run in 2024?
How much shit must be uncovered before this isn't a reasonable possibility?
The guy attempted a coup! He is still actively spewing bull shit about his defeat.

It's rather pathetic. The whole world is getting a glimpse of our justice system.

And this traitorous idiot is driving the point home. He managed to appoint 3 Supreme Court justices. That sucks.
The dems have no balls whatsoever. Or more logically, there's only one team.
Gotta admit you're right stank. Why are we still hearing about this bastard?
(10-04-2021, 09:40 PM)sparks Wrote: [ -> ]Gotta admit you're right stank.  Why are we still hearing about this bastard?

Because the Democrats are dumber than the Republitards.

They managed to pick the only candidate who could possibly lose to the fat cunt when they ran with Billary, then picked the only bloke in the country who was capable of being behind Trump within two years of taking office.
Or, perhaps they are all on the same team?
Team Mammon?

Half the time, I think the Dems don't actually want to win.
They want to win big donor dollars. Doesn't much matter who wins. As long as the masses continue to lose.