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Full Version: Oh, BTW...
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I have finally had enough of the fools at SC.

and even Pyrrho, whom I previously considered a voice of reason there.

Yet, he slammed me and that is intolerable.

Right wing LeaderSpeak.  All praise to the Fat Mango Fucktard.

So, I wrote Nyar one last PM which he may or may not get expressing my position.

That fucking site has gone to right wing shit and is irredeemable IMHO.  They all seem to be waiting for The Orange Fucktard to get re-instated (some stupid fuckers actually believe this nonsense) or elected again in '24.

It is beyond my desire to participate any longer.

I have these two cats to look after you see... Smile  And it seems they have no political positions or aspirations.  Yet.
They've picked up a couple of far-right loons lately, and one of them definitely isn't a sock.

The place is a perfect example of how living in an echo-chamber amplifies idiots' thoughts. Xouper was just a garden-level fuckwit, while Robinson was quite humorous, but now they're both way past rehabilitation. Robinson is almost at the tinfoil hat stage he's so deluded.

You know things are sad when Ed almost looks like a voice of reason.

I reckon I have Dr X pegged perfectly, though. Fat useless Asperger's with serious short-man issues.

What the hell did Pyrrho do? The only posts of his I ever see are in the Covid thread.

You should come back to ISF - you didn't get banned did you?
Not banned...just wandered away.
I joined that place years ago. Likely before this site was created.
I was maybe active for two days. Never was banned;left on my own; repulsed by dr x and his goon squad.
They weren't exactly welcoming...nor did I sense they were more intelligent.
It had devolved into something stupid.
Dare to challenge the brilliant dr x.

I certainly wasn't up to the task. I can barely manage here, with you geniuses.
Strange, though...I wasn't kicked out. I kicked myself out.

I need my arrogant assholes to be way smarter than Dr. X.
Like "Complexity", at jref. He was a weird cat. We oddly enough, became friends. He was an ultimate nerd sort of guy. Way smart in math.

Curious what's become of him, if anyone knows.
(07-25-2021, 06:44 PM)stanky Wrote: [ -> ]I need my arrogant assholes to be way smarter than Dr. X.

Second-rate bullshit artist, a typical Arts grad.

Probably too fat to even work at McDonald's.