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Full Version: Yes, we have officially reached peak stupid
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P. T. Barnum nailed it. There's a sucker born every goddamned minute.
I've got the right brass polish for that art.
Watch the weekend papers, some art critic will give us a rundown on how good it is and explain the symbolism of the vacant space mirroring the space in the brain of the dickhead who paid for it.

Or it could be a brilliant creation structured to appeal to those who hallucinate a lot. Cool
Long ago, I was in a famous art museum. There was a large painting; just white. Blank, basically. Famous; valuable; forgot the artist's name....felt like something I could have done.
Not sure about the invisible sculpture, though. I have trouble working in 3d.
(06-04-2021, 09:45 AM)stanky Wrote: [ -> ]Long ago, I was in a famous art museum. There was a large painting; just white. Blank, basically. Famous; valuable; forgot the artist's name....felt like something I could have done.

When I took the kids to the Auckland Art Gallery a few years back they had a gigantic painting which was completely black. It was called Sails at Night.

Still, none of that comes close to Tracey Emin's unmade bed, which sold for $US5 million.
Art pisses me off, a little.
Mostly because it doesn't differentiate between grand craftsmanship, and clever use of mystique.
Jackson Pollack's stuff goes for millions.
He would assemble huge canvases, and fling buckets of paint at them; using lots of different colors.
He would then cut out smaller panels in the whole that looked most interesting.
I could have done that. What I can't do is create a realistic interpretation of a 3d object in 2d.

Speaking of peak stupidity, I wanted to share something that should be on the "drugs" thread. The search here came up empty.
So, I'll put it here instead:
Wow! I would have thought a stone mason like yourself would be very good at 3D/2D transitions backwards and forwards.
Good call, sparky.
And, actually, I am.
A stone fireplace with a foundation; a clean-out door; a quality flu and chimney; a fire-brick combustion chamber, etc., is a very 3d project.
Possibly as 3d complex of any other aspect of a domicile. To do it well requires quite a pool of knowledge.

(I was going for the cheap joke, man.)

Frankly, I believe I have the skills to do an invisible 4d time-sculpture.
Alas, I have no marketable mystique in that world.

One of my favorite childhood stories was "The emperor has no clothes."
Remember that one?
Feels timeless.
I think the term "eye of the beholder" applies in Art Galleries.

It has more to do with psychology than with paint.  2 reasons to buy stuff.  Need it. Want it.
Nobody needs art.
So they want it because they like it, or as an investment because others like it, or because it gives status to be able to buy stuff others can't afford/ to impress them.

Jackson Pollock:  The entire population of OZ was horrified that 'Comrade' Gough Whitlam, then PM paid around 2 million US for Blue Poles.  2 mill was an obscene waste of public money in a time when a good brick house was worth 40grand.

Multiple layers of streaks and drips of paint in various colours.   "Bloody rubbish" was the majority decision.

Australia's trophy painting, Jackson Pollock's Blue Poles, is now worth about $350 million, an appreciation of more than 300-fold on the $1.3 million paid for it in 1973 under the Gough Whitlam government, a world record price at the time and one that caused a huge controversy.../

We were told it was 2 mill, maybe the 1.3 is US$?

Anyway, I made the trek to the National Gallery to see where my taxes went, and I liked it!  The more I stared at it the more I liked it.  I still like it.   But the rest of his stuff is utter crap.  Blue Poles was one of those serendipity things when things accidentally work out. 

I used to put  a couple of days a year aside for a 'road trip' other than to Queensland, and drove to Canberra to wander about in the art gallery.  I'd leave Mum sitting comfortably somewhere and dedicate half an hour to just staring at the painting.   
I 'saw' something in Blue Poles that she couldn't, so it's a psychological resonance innit??

I want it.  But I won't be making them an offer! Confused

They have a couple of Monet's that I like a lot, but I don't want them.
The ones I least like are the extremely overpriced and over rated Brett Whitely scribbles.
They're rivalled by obscene graffiti in public toilets.   But people rave over them and pay big for them because of 'feelz'.  A suicidal drug addict with high society connections.  What's not to like?

okay, rant over.
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