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Full Version: Some Train Stuff
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New Zealand:



Gosh, Di....

I wonder what got you thinking about trains?

(I asked my shrink about it, btw...interesting reply.)

Jokes aside, I love trains. Love train-tracks, even.
Hopped some trains in my foolish youth.
Built a rail bike, even. Awesome fun and escape.

Love me some trains.

(Isn't grayman associated with trains?)
I got the Canadian one in an email ... it was a snide tongue in cheek reference to how badly 'global warming' was affecting Canadian snowfall and how come the headlines aren't full of snow stories from the NH and only run their heat wave stories, but I used to work for the railway and got to looking at other vids and... just thought the juxtoposition of the snow ones with our Nullabor one was kinda funny tha's all... nothing Freudian involved.
Yeah, I drive 'em.

Here's an image I found of the yard where I'm based: 

[Image: Boston%2B%2526%2BMaine%2BMinuteman%2BGP9.jpg]
You're my hero.

All I drive is a wheelbarrow.
Best train video ever:

They obviously place a lot more faith in their engineers, and maintenance crews than we did! My hair is just settling back down. Maybe because for a while I used to handle the coded accident telegrams. Speeding trains still look like accidents looking for an excuse to me.
Sometimes our trains literally fell over from exceeding very modest speed limits. But then our tracks were shite.

Now TA, is there a video of two of those things passing in opposite directions at full hammer?? I see there's a double track so they may do that but I'd like to see what the air pressure would do to 'em.

Do you feel the need to drive one those Grayman?
I'm a bad person but I saw this on Imgur years ago and ....  it's kind of a fave train pic.

[Image: 4c5d122a-7a21-4ba0-a6e9-f3b00586a82c_zpsa33db31f.jpg]
(02-08-2015, 02:19 AM)Di Wundrin Wrote: [ -> ]Do you feel the need to drive one those Grayman?

Only if I want to pay my bills.

Seriously, it's something I wanted to do as long as I can remember, and I was fortunate enough to not only get the job I've always wanted, but also at the location I used to visit as a child.
Train driving isn't something you get into accidentally I guess.  A lot of the train controllers were ex drivers and had always wanted to be from when they were kids, but most were ex guards and yard bosses.   Some of them were  train fanatics, ran historical societies, and collected railways stuff.  My Dad worked for the railways but in the carriage workshops and I was only in the admin offices so we weren't 'real' railroad people.

Have to ask:  Are your train controllers oddballs?  Most of the ones I worked with were.  Nervous wrecks, drunks, OCD weirdos, flaming temper tantrums, a few bullies who soon learned we weren't little girly victim types,  but a few 'good ole boys' too.  (But no 'fat' controllers) 

It was like a lunatic asylum in there in peak times, and no place to be if there'd been a major stuff up.  
I learned to filter out bad language there, it was very seldom aimed at us so considered not our business and ignored, and some of those fellas could sure rattle it out and never repeat one. [Image: happy-073.gif]

We'd take a deep breath before pushing the door open as we never knew how the 'inmates' would be acting. It got worse after smoking on the job bans came in and they were almost all 'nervous' smokers.  I felt really sorry for them over that, I was a smoker too but could sneak out onto the roof for a sly one, they could seldom get away from their booths. When they did get out there they'd practically eat the cigarettes they were in such a hurry.

I've wondered if we had all the strange ones and what they were like in other countries.  We only see 'cool and calm' in movies but I don't buy that. [Image: happy-053.gif]
It was the ones who filled their water bottles with Vodka that turned me off travelling on trains unless I had to. Confused