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Full Version: hi! i'm Doofus head McGillicuty! I'm new here!
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I've been lurking here for years, but too shy to sign up.
That is, until I saw the recent scuttlebutt between stanky and Sparks.
That made the place feel so 'human' to me.

Anyway, I'm a scorpio with moon in i can be a handfull at times...especially when libra is retrograde.
My faveorite color is mauve, and my favorite book is "Jonathon Livingston Seagull".
My fav movie isĀ  "Chariots of Fire".

My hobby is sacred geometry. I really admire how sacred it is. Plus, the geometry.
I'd like to learn more about sacred trigonometry, and rumor has it, there's some one here that could teach it to me.

Not that it matters, but my friends tell me that I'm as cute a Taylor Swift.
But I don't think so. I have small breasts, for instance.

And perhaps low self esteem.

I love card tricks. I'm always willing to pick a card.
And i always pick the right card. Because of signals i get from the other side.
(From my dead grandma.)

She was a cancer, btw.
Died of it, too.

I hope we can be friends.
Welcome aboard Doofy, I'm a Scorpio too... as you'll notice from my sweet nature.

So, before you settle in let's get the initiation over with. Who do you vote for? Judging from the name I'm guessing Democrat? it would be wise to say so anyway as there is some high powered ordinance primed and aimed for Trumpers ..and pixies in the hills around Recog.

..just a heads up. [Image: yellow-laughing-smiley-emoticon.gif]