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Full Version: Our History written in the ice.
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Interesting read, new insight into the 'dark ages'.
If you happen to be Betty Walinsky (Older sister to Judy J.), the worst time to be alive was probably 1971. Winter, to be specific.

And the roads were icy.
Bad storm.

No one blames Betty for what happened that night.
After all,

she died too.
That's quite funny - today I had a discussion about the entire electronic system crashing if we got hit by a huge solar storm.

Like earthquakes & asteroid strikes, they have to happen every now & then.
You know, something like that might be just the ticket to save this planet from us humans and as an added bonus, save us from ourselves. Just imagine if all electrical and electronic infrastructure suddenly got zapped world wide all at once. Certain pieces of larger governments are hardened against EMP, as well as a significant amount of the military. But this would be much more devastating than mere EMP. Stop modern civilization and all the unintended consequences with one event without killing everything at the same time.

Interesting scenario. After the event, anything we wanted to do would have to be done by hand without the assistance of any technology at all. Food production would plummet. Lot's of starvation. Seems like an interesting way to cull the population back to something sustainable again.
Had a rehearsal today. Facebook face planted.

This is the D.Mail so no cred claimed but love the 'joke' about it on Twitter from the cops. Hope it's true.
People here have certainly called the cops for Farcebook being down.
Not sure if it was posted here or elsewhere regarding a Farcebook Flunky posting asking if anyone else's hot water was cold as her's had been for several weeks now and nobody had fixed it yet, as though hot water came from the hot water company downtown somewhere.

Not a completely illogical assumption, but based on complete and total ignorance of course.

Visited Russia once upon a time and they seem to have that problem there on a daily fucking basis. WTF?? Can't even warm up water reliably. Thanks Putin!!! Bald headed Borscht sucker.