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Full Version: New metal alloy research
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Thought some here may be interested in this,  I don't know enough about it to know if its interesting or not .. umm
sure, it's interesting.
Was hoping to find out what alloy 709 was comprised of...evidently, it's secretive.

There's some rare metals with extraordinary properties, but prohibitively expensive.

Francium is so rare, we aren't sure if there is any.
And it isn't even trans-uranium.
The way the article was couched they seemed to be more chuffed about inventing the microscope that can study it than about the actual metal.
Maybe it was just the way the writer presented it, or you could be right about them protecting the 'recipe'.
If you're interested in exotic materials, check out graphene.
There's a mad scramble taking place for an efficient means to make large, reliable sheets of it.
Graphene is pure carbon, btw,
Stronger than steel, by a lot, and much more conductive than silver.

This material will be a game changer. If it can be effectively mass produced. So far, not so much.

But the raw material (carbon) is not only plentiful, it could be mined from the atmosphere...which could be handy.
Potentially, almost everything will be made out of carbon.
In the 2d configuration of the graphene crystal.

Of course, we heard bold claims for fullerenes, bucky-balls and nanotubes...and so far, they've remained mostly a curiosity.

all carbon, and the flexibility it has in bonding situations.
I'm sure you've heard that a diamond (hard-ass mineral) is pure carbon.

Carbon is so significant to us, that we define organic chemistry by its inclusion.
We are carbon-based life forms. All of us. Even prions. If they qualify as alive.
You may be chuffed to know I asked Cuz last Friday over lunch if he'd heard of Graphene.
I was then regaled with a good ten minute run down of how it's molecular structure makes it a fearsome weapon! It combines with whatever it contacts and renders stuff like copper useless as a conductor rendering communications defunct .... now I have no idea whatever if he has that right or not. Just the messenger here.

I was just amazed at the coincidence that he knew about it and had been interested enough to be 'researching' it as you have been.

You two should do lunch!
Your Cuz has always intrigued me.

Graphene is a single molecule thick, of carbon atoms in a hexagonal bonding arrangement.
It's a very stable arrangement.
That's it, in a nutshell.

A bucky-ball is 60 carbon atoms, arranged spherically.
(Named after Buckminster Fuller, are 'fullerenes'.)

Bucky Fuller had a monster of an intellect.
Guys like him don't pass through very often.

Pity he isn't a house-hold word these days.
He was a true visionary.
You do realize I left school at 15 with a knowledge of science that didn't even include dissecting rats right??

So was he right or wrong about that molecular binding thing?? I did read some of the links you posted but like when Hawking's book reached the quantum theory section I seriously considered my limitations and made a dignified withdrawal from the zone.
Not sure what your Cuz was referring to.I hadn't heard about the weaponizing aspect of graphene.

Its main feature is its stability...although there are experiments with layering it between other create novel semi-conductors and such. In that regard, it shows great promise for photo-voltaics.

This isn't to suggest that i call b.s. on your cuz...
I would never do that.

But I'm not sure what he was referring to.
If he comes by tomorrow I'll ask him if he has a link to what he's been looking at.

He has an interest in military machinery, he can fix anything mechanical so he's more interested in what makes them tick than in what they do. I think that takes him on some strange tracks through the web.

I'll ask him anyway. He's a joker and a stirrer sometimes but not a bullshitter. He wouldn't have made it up but may have been getting it mixed up with something else? He sounded pretty convinced about it.
This is what he was thinking of, but graphite, not graphene. Hey, he's just a coal miner farm boy.

I found this page:
and have sent the link to him.

It refers to the casing not graphene as fuel or explosive element.
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