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Here we go - photos of a Scottish holiday.

And yes, I looked, Scotland's rail service needs drivers in the region we liked best. 

Our Glascow hotel is located down this block a bit along the left.

[Image: 42416872611_361a6dd33a_z.jpg]

An evening stroll around the University of Glascow area.

[Image: 27546565987_fca798f69b_z.jpg]

[Image: 27546567487_6a818958b2_z.jpg]

[Image: 27546569987_bc1617ba93_z.jpg]

Lord Kelvin:

[Image: 27546573307_9e60886521_z.jpg]
On to the museums and city sights.

Creepy...I like creepy.

[Image: 40748474610_6190fdf819_z.jpg]

[Image: 40748480300_b6d7c6912a_z.jpg]

[Image: 40748485180_0bfdce598a_z.jpg]

The museum where the previous photos were taken.

[Image: 40748513060_acea474b9a_z.jpg]

Interesting (to me) bridge.

[Image: 42504871192_0a513be6f0_z.jpg]

The Clydes-built Tall Ship, Glenlee.

[Image: 40748500980_de1da432f4_z.jpg]

Some rock and roll street art.

[Image: 42504899942_c1d3e62410_z.jpg]

To be continued...
great pics,g-man.
Keep 'em coming.
(06-04-2018, 05:34 AM)grayman Wrote: [ -> ]Here we go - photos of a Scottish holiday.

And yes, I looked, Scotland's rail service needs drivers in the region we liked best. 

I hope that was the Highlands!

If it weren't for the cold & horrible winters they get, that's where I'd be living right now. Near Loch Ness, funnily enough. It's one of the things that piss me off about Nessie - most of the people who go there are fuckwits who miss the wood looking for a non-existent tree.

Wanna swap identities? As a born British subject of Elizabeth the Second, by the Grace of God of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and of Her other Realms and Territories Queen, Head of the Commonwealth, Defender of the Faith, I can move there any time I like.
I have relatives in Glasgow.
The craft I know comes from that tradition.

The mortar in the old stonework lasts 300 years, and has no Portland cement in it.
The modern and superior mortars we use now last 50 years,with luck.
Good compression strength, though. Pity it's irrelevant.

(We love to hear terms like "3000 psi". Very macho mortar. A few hundred psi is more than adequate, as time (and addition) has proven for centuries. Modern masons never got the memo. I'm one of a few of a dying breed on this old craft. It is everywhere in Scotland.)

show us some rocks, g-man!

(Funny, I could find work there. Much like you.)

I've even played bagpipes.

Ever heard this cat?

(Rufus Harley; a black jazz man that plays bag-pipes.)
The link above is him doing Coltrane's "A love supreme"

Yeah, he wears a kilt.
One for TA.

[Image: 40756879050_0850943a62_z.jpg]
Wow, that's a find. Dad's grandmother was one of those 'single women' who came here as a maid to a married couple, but she sprang from Enniskillen in Northern Ireland and 20 years or more later than that ad.
She probably got the free passage though but I don't know any more about her past at all.

Scotland still doesn't 'call' to me, I'm with TA, too cold and dreary for me. Nice buildings, colourful traditions, and history, but it's just not my scene. ( or climate!)
If I out live my dogs, I might move to Puerto Rico. I admire the hurricanes there. And I like Spanish.
Ponce is a cool city.
(06-04-2018, 04:01 PM)grayman Wrote: [ -> ]One for TA.

I'm guessing most of those colonists ended up in Dunedin NZ, which is the old Gaelic for Edinburgh.

Fun fact: Dunedin used to have more pipe bands than Edinburgh, despite being 1/4 the population.
Did NZ get mostly Scots and OZ mostly Irish and poor Poms?
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