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Full Version: The Pony Tail Equation.
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Yes folks, as I've suspected all along, there's one for everything.
Distantly related to Grandfather Clocks ticking perhaps?
I have a boobs ne of these somewhere...
What is a boobs ne?
I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt and presuming he just left the o off one.
There's been some Olympic level female runners that sported pony tails. It was almost painful to watch them running. One had to wonder how much energy that jostling was costing them. It had to be a lot more costly than Mark Spitz's mustache.

Otherwise, I like seeing the boing of a nice pony tail, especially when it is in resonance with ample breasts in motion.
The effect is perhaps best seen on trampolines.
I'm well qualified to tell you that watching them is a lot less painful than having them attached when they're flopping at a run.   It's the principle reason I stopped running, ever.   Confused
(05-02-2017, 09:34 AM)sparks Wrote: [ -> ]Distantly related to Grandfather Clocks ticking perhaps?

[Image: Why-Its-Called-A-Grandfather-Clock.gif?resize=640%2C394]