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This thread is for miscellaneous small wonders of science and engineering.
I'll begin with an excellent explanation of the aluminum beverage can:

I thought this guy gave a wonderful presentation.
If you find time to watch, you'll never look at that can the same again.
I look at an awful lot of those cans, sometimes 2 a day and have wondered how they're made, but not for long 'cos it was too hard to figure out. Now it's not. [Image: lol-029.png]
Thank you Stanky. [Image: happy-052.gif]
The video doesn't work down here but  the text gives me the gist of it.
I'm one of those weirdos who is 100% pro nuclear power plants,  but it sure doesn't make me popular among the people who believe the Green's bullshit that it will fry our kids brains and make our dogs grow several heads.  
They're still trotting out technology 50 years out of date to "prove" their point.  mumblegrumblebahhumbug.

One who is anti nuclear and believes it's dangerous has lived within a few kilometres of the Lucas Heights nuclear reactor (nuclear medicine production, not power generation) all her life!   I keep asking her if it's gone into meltdown yet.

While they're stamping their feet on nuclear they're ignoring what is probably really frying kids' brains, mobile phones!
Juvenile brain cancer has skyrocketed and they're all standing around wondering whatever has changed? What's new in the last decade that might be causing this?   geeeee,  lemme think.

But then I remember when microwave ovens were causing premature births and sending people blind from looking in the window when they were on.  There have been some doozies that gained traction since technology moved beyond steam.

My uncle had a story about an old Aunt he visited in Newcastle back in the 40s.  She'd bought an electric iron,  before that she'd still been using the old type flat iron.
But she was very worried about it and asked him could he fix it because she kept getting 'tingling feelings' from it.

He panicked and had a look at it and there was nothing that looked wrong so he plugged it in and asked her what part of it she got the 'tingles' from?    "Oh everywhere, when I take it out of the cupboard I feel them."

He looked carefully at her and asked was it plugged in at the time?  "No,  it does it before I even plug it in!"

Somebody had spun the old dear some story about a woman being electrocuted by the "newfangled" iron so she was feeling what she expected to feel.  

He must have told that story 20 times, and each time he'd just look sad and shake his head.
So the mobile phone radiation may have some legs as a possible explanation then.

There'll be a lot of unhappy people if that's proven.
(05-20-2018, 11:07 PM)sparks Wrote: [ -> ]

I saw that research a couple of weeks ago. Very interesting.

(05-20-2018, 11:51 PM)Di Wundrin Wrote: [ -> ]So the mobile phone radiation may have some legs as a possible explanation then.  

There'll be a lot of unhappy people if that's proven.

Won't matter - it'll be a blip in the statistics. Nobody holds a phone to their ear any more. They hold the fucking thing in front of them with the speaker on so everyone else can enjoy their conversation.

And most kids text rather than phone.

If it is phones, I am well and truly fucked. There would be few people have it stuck to their ear as much as I do, and there are only about 200 people in NZ have had a mobile longer than me. I'm at 30+ years of use so far without a problem.
" Without a problem"?

Explain Taylor Swift.

(Marie called me again last night; weeping.)

Di, I'm not anti-nuke, per se, but it bothers me that we can ignore events like Fukishima. There are serious issues.
Much of it could bite us in the ass in the future.

When designing any system,like a septic system, t's important to begin down stream...the waste disposal.
With fission reactors, we simply ignored that, and carried on. We needed weapons. That's how it began.

Thorium reactors? Yeah,let's talk.
Solar improvements?
Efficiency in end use?
You betcha.


Now there's an interesting form of carbon. A potential game changer in almost everything.

Fission, to me, is a very 'clunky' science.
Fusion would be lovely; always right around the corner.
We certainly shouldn't ignore the disasters, we should learn from the mistakes and build better designed reactors.

"Always around the corner" is true, dunno how long I've been hearing about how fusion will be the answer .. they don't say when though.
Posted on this elsewhere at this august institution but my SearchFoo sucks.


The Red Chinese and the Indians are way ahead of us, in spite of the fact that we did serious work and ran a test reactor back in the 50's. And it all came out of the perceived need for a strategic bomber that could stay aloft for months at a time. Concurrent with that was the money that was thrown at nuclear rockets! And they had some amazing success doing that too, fucking unimaginable energy levels in such a confined space!!! Of course, the rockets did tend to up-chuck their own guts after a time, but... Given sufficient development, who knows where that shit would have ended.

And then someone finally got smart and realized we could accomplish our goal of keeping the Rooskies engaged without all that. Chemical rockets had risen to the challenge and all that fuckwittery.

Result of a Google search:

Pick any three and get back to me.


We were very close to making this thing work as advertised, but we got sidetracked by the likes of (in this country anyway...) Joe McCarthy, Louis Strauss, just to name a few war-mongers. I piss on their graves.

And now it's just too fucking late.

AGW will continue to move along to the next level. And the next. And the next. Means nothing to me personally as I won't live long enough to see the really horrific stuff, but still, it's coming.

But I do feel badly for the kids who will never know a perfect summer evening the way I knew it back when.

Call me stupid and nostalgic because that's exactly correct.


And always, I can't help but ask myself: "Yea, but what's to be done about this cesspool?"

Nothing. Not one goddamned thing that could've made a difference is even possible now. So.... Just fuck the hell off. Do some traveling while it's still possible. Read some good books. Look up at the night sky when it's clear. Enjoy some great food, music and booze before it all collapses.

Do whatever makes you happy while you still can.

Main theme from "On The Beach" by Shute was 'there is still time' in spite of the fact that Human History was about to end. I find that ironic indeed. We had all the time and resources in the world, and we pissed them away with the help of our Rooskie partners in blasphemy and now there's very little left.

And fucking bullshit. The Orange Fucktard is merely a pimple on the ass of Humanity as we approach the end. Not even a flash in the pan civilization-wise. Certainly less-than-nothing Cosmically speaking. As are we all.

I'd like to end on an up note.

But I'll be goddamned if I can think of one right now.

Carry on. Smile
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